Desperate! Man cried inconsolably when he found out which airline lost his four dogs, did he find them?

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A video in which a desperate man appears asking for the whereabouts of his dogs at an airport in Turkey has gone viral on social networks in recent days. However, the story had a happy ending.

In a clip he posted on his social media, Joao Paulo DeCosta, the protagonist of the clip, explained that a couple of hours after the events happened, he was able to find his animals; however, he also disapproved of the treatment of his “children” at the airline.

“We can clearly see the nonsense and neglect that they did to my children, our four-legged pets do not deserve this treatment, they cannot be treated as suitcases or objects,” he wrote in the publication.

In the message that accompanied its publication on the account of Instagram, the man explained that the events occurred when, on a trip he undertook from the Philippines, he and his partner made a stopover in Turkey. At that moment they asked how his dogs were and no one could give him an answer, so he despaired.

“We cannot accept this kind of deal ever. Everything went well, but what if it didn’t? Leave it!”, assured Joao, who in the end was able to find his four-legged children and is already with them in his house.

What happened in the viral video?

“My dogs, my dogs, where are my dogs?” a man yelled desperately at the airport in Istanbul, Turkey, to one of the operators of the airline in which he traveled to that country.

He did it because a few minutes ago the staff of the air transport company had informed him that his four dogs had not arrived at their destination and they did not know where they were. The moment was captured on video and went viral on social media.

When they gave him the news, the man began to cry and scream. He looked desperate. He said that they should give him his dogs, that they were his children, his life. The subject pleaded with people who passed him at the airport to help him.

Everyone was staring at him in astonishment and telling him to talk to the airline staff again. No one could answer him for the whereabouts of the animals.

The man’s desperation was so great that at one point he fell to the ground while crying and screaming. He demanded that his four children be handed over to him.

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So far no airline has ruled on the matter, while the video, which was originally uploaded to TikTokcontinues to circulate on social networks and so far has accumulated 849,000 views and more than 51,000 “likes”.

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