Despite restrictions, carol singers in the Diocese of Würzburg collect over one million euros in donations

Despite the restrictions in the second Corona winter, the carol singers in the diocese of Würzburg achieved an impressive collection result: the children and young people in 662 parishes and institutions of the diocese collected 1,038,147.89 euros, according to the children’s missionary work “Die Sternsinger” in Aachen. In the previous year, the result was EUR 918,503.79. The following information is taken from a press release by the Diocese of Würzburg.

For the second year in a row, the carol singers often had to do without the traditional home visits due to the corona pandemic. The distribution of letters of blessing, carol singer stands in busy places or carol singer drive-ins – thanks to the experience already gained in 2021, the attendants, together with their carol singer groups, were again able to implement alternative and low-contact forms of action on site. The sponsors of the Dreikönigssingen campaign, the children’s missionary organization “Die Sternsinger” and the Bund der Deutschen Katholische Jugend (BDKJ), are grateful for this commitment of the many small and large queens and kings.

“Despite difficult conditions, the blessing of the carol singers has once again reached the people. The carol singers have once again achieved great things together with their companions. They deserve praise, respect and a heartfelt thank you,” said Pastor Dirk Bingener, President of the Kindermissionswerk.

The 65th Action Dreikönigssingen

“Strengthening children, protecting children – in Indonesia and worldwide” is the motto of the next 65th Dreikönigssingen campaign. The carol singers focus on protecting children from violence and draw attention to girls and boys who suffer from physical, sexual or psychological violence. During these days, the materials for preparing the campaign will be sent to the communities. The campaign will be launched nationwide on December 30 in Frankfurt am Main (Diocese of Limburg).

Caroler Solidarity Action

nationwide the boys and girls raised 38.6 million euros at the 64th Dreikönigssingen campaign. In many of the 8,423 churches and groups, the girls and boys used alternative forms of action at the beginning of 2022 to bring blessings to people without contact and to collect donations for their peers all over the world.

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Since the start of the campaign in 1959 a total of around 1.27 billion euros came together. Since the beginning of the solidarity campaign by children for children, more than 77,400 project measures for disadvantaged and needy children in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Eastern Europe have been supported.

Source: Diocese of Würzburg