Despite the 3-month contract, I can’t tell you because I’m afraid I’ll get fired.

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It has been three days since a security guard at an apartment in Gangnam, Seoul, died complaining that he had been beaten by the manager.

There is a growing voice that this kind of death must be prevented.

Fellow security guards demanded improvement, saying that the ultra-short contract of 3 months was giving birth to various absurdities.

Reporter Kim Hyun-ji will tell you.

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Park, a security guard in his 70s, was found dead by himself in a situation where the apartment manager’s suspicion of “gap-jil” arose.

In front of the apartment in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where Mr. Park worked, there were demands to prevent the death of a security guard.

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″We are the same people. Why did I have to die so miserably just because I was working as an apartment security guard?”

They claimed that the cause of Park’s death was an ‘ultra-short-term labor contract’.

At the end of last year, the contract period for this apartment security guard was shortened from one year to three months.

Mr. Park, who had been the “security chief” for six years, also signed a three-month labor contract last January, and was recently demoted from the rank of security chief to security guard.

This is the expense log dated last January 1st.

″Special instructions from the head of management″ and ″Training new recruits is the responsibility of the head of the guard″, so it is written that the head of the group needs to be replaced.

At the time, the fire alarm went off due to a new security guard’s mistake, and it was Mr. Park’s responsibility.

The guards said that the director of the management insulted them at every morning meeting by ordering so-called “Bokmyeongbokchang” and ordered the management office staff to monitor them.

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″I ordered the staff at the management office to film (the security guards) on my cell phone, and said, “Some of the security guards left a little earlier”, “Some of the guards did something”……

However, I couldn’t even complain about the anxiety that I didn’t know when I would be cut even though I felt like I was going to have a good time.

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″It’s a slave contract. There is psychological pressure for three months, so you have to live with tension. (Chief of Management) If you don’t like it, you’ll be cut.

The director of the management, who is known to have denied the allegation of power abuse, did not respond to the interview.

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″ What? go out get out.”

The banners related to the management manager’s ‘suspicion of abuse of power’, which were hanging all over the apartment, now only remain inside.

At the front door of the apartment, there was originally a banner commemorating the deceased.

I had no choice but to take off the banner in response to residents protesting that house prices were falling.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor is investigating whether there has been harassment in the workplace against the management office.

This is Kim Hyun-ji from MBC News.

Video coverage: Kim Jun-hyung / Video editing: Kim Min-ji