Despite the ban: Düsseldorf fairground DJ plays “Layla”

Düsseldorf. Despite an express ban, the DJ of the St. Sebastianus-Schützen marquee played the controversial song “Layla” at the opening of the Düsseldorf fair.

Among other things, a reporter from the “Bild” newspaper documented the scene on Friday evening in a video on Twitter. More videos surfaced on Instagram.

The Schützengesellschaft is the organizer of the Düsseldorf fair with an expected 4 million guests. First of all, the rifle chief had forbidden the playing of “Layla” throughout the fair. The organizers later rowed back and announced that the song would be banned in their own tent – for the other marquees and rides there was only the recommendation to do without the song.

On Friday evening, the internet videos showed how the crowd – including numerous shooters – danced and sang along to the song in the open space at the marquee. The song by DJ Robin & Schürze is number 1 in the single charts and is about a “poof mama” named Layla. He has repeatedly been criticized as sexist.

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