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Despite the ban of M6, Stéphane Plaza is grilled on the floor of Dance with the stars

Like all M6 star entertainers, Stéphane Plaza can not go on the dance floor with the stars. But he is still at his head: he still went on the set of the show, and his arrival was noticed by the public … If there is one thing that does not please M6 is to see his stars go to TF1. As revealed by Carla Ginola, the big names in the chain are forbidden to go on the set of Dance with the stars. And this unfortunately included his father, David Ginola: "He's on M6. He wants to come, of course, she told TV Star. He's not the one who does not want to, it's mostly M6 … My father has a contract, it's his job. So he will support me but a little further. The host of La France has an incredible talent is not the only one in this situation: Stéphane Plaza and Karine Le Marchand, very close to the humorist Jeanfi Janssens, also had no right to come and support him. nobody. So they found solutions to do it anyway.⋙ Does Karine Le Marchand declare war on M6? She reveals a clue on InstagramStéphane Plaza had first played sports coaches for Jeanfi, while Karine Le Marchand had dared to go behind the scenes of the flagship TF1 show on October 27th. Although they had not made an appearance in public, the two friends were still M6 on the back because of their attitude deemed unorganized. But Stéphane Plaza went even further last weekend. As revealed by Télé-Loisirs, photo in support, the animator went on the stage of Dance with the stars this Saturday, November 3rd. ⋙ Dance with the stars 9: Jeanfi Janssens shot in ridicule? The humorist pushes a jab against the production "At the pub cut just before the final verdict, Stéphane Plaza went directly to the floor of the show to greet Jeanfi Janssens to the delight of the public present this evening, "report our colleagues, who were present during the filming. The host of M6 obviously did not go unnoticed, since he was entitled to "a nice round of applause" from the audience in the room. Stéphane Plaza has had a taste of what awaits him if he participates one day in the dance competition of TF1. "This is the show I dream of doing. And it's the show that I will not be allowed to do, "he told Tél-Loisirs. If M6 is keeping him from his express passage to the competition, he will be at least free to do what he wants.


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