Despite the checkpoint of armed civilians, AMLO says he felt “very safe” on Sinaloa highways

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He assured that he felt “safe, very happy and very happy” when traveling on the roads of Sinaloa, during his tour this weekend, despite the checkpoint of armed civilians that appeared on the road to Guadalupe y Calvo, just the day in which the federal president held an event in that municipality of Chihuahua.

-How did you feel in Sinaloa, President, did you feel safe in the roads? -She was asked-.

“Sure, sure, and very happy, very happy,” he replied.

-With what transpired at the national level (the checkpoint)?

“The people of Sinaloa are good and hard-working, our adversaries always keep them, they go looking for something. They will always look for something to question us, but it is also their right. Everything went more than well. We keep hitting over 400,” she replied.

The president minimized the presence of an armed group that intercepted national and local reporters, and state officials, who were traveling on the Badiraguato highway to Guadalupe y Calvo.

  • “No, it is that there are in some places in the country, not only in Sinaloa, people who are acting, thinking that a region should be taken care of, that they do not carry weapons and sometimes there is confusion, but in general everything is fine,” he said.
  • -And the fact that they use tactical uniforms and equipment that are supposed to be nothing more than the army, what does it tell you, or how do you take it? he insisted.
  • “That happens in Jalisco, it happens in other places, it’s wrong, it shouldn’t happen, but it’s not just the case of Sinaloa, I would say Sinaloa above,” he refuted.
  • -The groups do not have control of the territory of the country? -he asked himself-.
  • “No, no, no, no, that’s what the conservatives think, I’m not, I’m not Felipe Calderón to make it clear,” he replied.
  • -Is the government of the Republic in control? –
  • “Yes, yes, yes, yes, and there is not, there is not in the government, what is the name of the one who is imprisoned there? García Luna, there is no longer that, “said the federal president.
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