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Despite vaccine shortage: Corona vaccination party in Erlangen restaurant – Erlangen, Fürth

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More than 80 people received Johnson & Johnson –
06/12/2021 8:15 am

During the corona vaccination campaign in a restaurant in Erlangen, there were also educational and information sheets for those willing to be vaccinated.

© Harald Sippel, NN

Corona vaccine is in short supply. In the local vaccination center, which is responsible for Erlangen and Erlangen-Höchstadt, there are currently almost exclusively second vaccinations. There are still quite a few from groups 2 and especially 3 waiting for an appointment.

While the centers that run the Bavarian Corona Vaccination Management, Bayimco for short, only have very few of the important vaccines, doctors in private practice sometimes even have enough of it to take part in a vaccination party in a restaurant. Like on Tuesday evening (June 8th, 2021) in the Erlanger “Holzgarten”.

83 mainly young people received their immunization against Sars-CoV-2 in the wine bar and restaurant in the city center, plus a free glass of wine, water and soda.

The former was organized by Jörg Quente, an anesthetist and emergency physician who lives in Erlangen and practices in Fürth. The latter was contributed by the restaurateur and “Holzgarten” operator Tom Egelseer. But how is that even possible in the face of rampant vaccine shortages?

Ordered 200 cans

The neighbor across the street, Jörg Quente, got the vaccine, the 50-year-old landlord tells this media company.

Astrazeneca, Biontech, Covidioten: The big Corona ABC

A little more than a year ago, the Chancellor’s incendiary speech on the pandemic was now. For many, this address marked the new Corona era. Which words, trends and phenomena have made a special impression since then – from A to Z; and of course with “shopping cart compulsory” and “no lingering zone”.

The doctor made the following suggestion to the landlord: “Then we could just ask around among friends and guests; I did that because I thought I would especially like to ask younger people who aren’t necessarily my audience, that they can just celebrate again and take to the streets without the fear of contracting the virus. ” With the lifting of the prioritization, anyone who wants can officially get a corona vaccination.

Egelseer’s customers also asked their children if they wanted to be vaccinated. In addition to some older people, 18-, 23- and 24-year-olds were among those willing to be vaccinated. “Since I am of the opinion that the faster we are all vaccinated, the better, I said: Dear Mr. Quente, we will do that and it spread like wildfire, we finally got 83 vaccinations.”

With information sheet and card reader

The vaccination campaign itself was “relatively professional,” as Egelseer says, in the restaurant on Holzgartenstrasse, anesthetist Quente had extra information sheets and a reader for the health insurance cards in his luggage, as well as two helpers: “We have kept a distance, now ten people from ten households are allowed to come together again and also open the windows in our restaurant so that we could sit together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the evening, it was a really nice vaccination party, I would say. “

The various corona tests at a glance

There are now a number of different corona tests that differ in some points. When will I get the result? What is being tested anyway? Which sample is taken for this? We give an overview of the various tests and how they are carried out.

The vaccinated people themselves were “super, super” grateful and gave the waiters specially ordered for that evening a good tip.

Egelseer had called “a lot” in his private environment, but they had either already been vaccinated or actually came.

Corona vaccination in an unusual location: A young woman is vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2 in a restaurant in Erlangen.

© Harald Sippel, NN

However, since there are increasing debates about the consequences of social distancing, especially for young people, the restaurateur is of the opinion “if there is a vaccine that can be inoculated, that should be done too.” It was important to him that the boys got a turn.

Egelseer himself has been vaccinated for a long time: “I have so and so many doctors here who have offered me this,” he says. But that is also important as a restaurateur. People in need who do not yet have an appointment should take this into their own hands. “I think there are people who just don’t care, that’s why I said from my side: If you feel like it, come along.”

Vaccination center boss: “The basic problem remains availability”

The medical director of the Erlangen vaccination center, Hans Joachim Drossel, and his staff cannot say that – even if they wanted to. “The basic problem remains the scarce availability of the vaccine,” Drossel explains when asked.

Since the focus of the vaccination campaign was initially on enabling as many people as possible to have a first vaccination, the still low total amount of vaccine is currently tied to the second vaccination.

“According to the figures available to us, doctors in private practice are currently mainly carrying out second vaccinations, and the vaccine is still in short supply in this area,” said Drossel.

From next week (calendar week 24), however, initial vaccinations should also be possible again in the vaccination centers. In purely theoretical terms, more would be possible: “If enough vaccine were available, the vaccination center and its branch offices, together with the doctors’ offices, could probably carry out around 30,000 vaccinations a week,” says Drossel.

That has already been achieved

Overall, however, one should also see what has already been achieved, the doctor appeals. Because the rate of first vaccinations in the area of ​​responsibility of the vaccination center was at the end of the past week (KW 22) at 48.2 percent, the rate of second vaccinations and thus the proportion of people in the total population who had full protection was at least 25.7 percent .

“It is good that the prioritization of the vaccination sequence has not yet been lifted, at least for the vaccination centers,” says Drossel. “As soon as there is more vaccine available again, we will hopefully soon be able to make a vaccination offer to the people from priority group 3 who are still waiting for an appointment with us.”

The 83 predominantly younger people who were present at the vaccination campaign in Holzgartenstrasse no longer need this; the American vaccine Johnson & Johnson does not need a second vaccination.

The vaccination evening in the restaurant, however, did not rate the vaccination center and the medical director; According to the press office of the city of Erlangen (the vaccination center runs under the auspices of the Huguenot city), the institution is not aware of the process and is also not responsible for an assessment.

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