Destiny 2 Cross-Play was accidentally activated months ahead of schedule and is instantly available to you

Destiny 2 fans have been eagerly awaiting the cross-play support, and it arrived months ahead of schedule … kind of.

Video Games Chronicle reports that the arrival of cross-play support is actually a fluke of engineering luck. Bungie Community Manager Cozmo tweeted on Wednesday telling players to participate until they turn the feature off later this week.

“We are seeing reports that some players are gaining insight into crossplay,” Cozmo said. “It’s not supposed to be live yet and isn’t representative of the entire experience. We’ll be implementing a fix later this week to remove public access. In the meantime, however, you are welcome to participate. “”

Destiny 2’s splicer season also kicked off this week, and data miners quickly spotted evidence of a possible cross-play beta in the future of Destiny 2, suggesting a new emblem being given out for strikes on Eurogamer.

Destiny 2’s assistant game director Joe Blackburn said in February that Bungie plans to introduce crossplay this fall.

You can watch the Splicer Battle Pass Destiny 2 Season trailer to see all of the new weapons and cosmetics available now.
Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer / hunter for IGN.