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Destiny 2: Forsaken – start date for the raid "Last Wish" with trailer and previously known info


Destiny 2: Forsaken – Trailer for the raid "Last Wish" reveals the start date

On Friday, September 19th, the new raid of Destiny 2: Forsaken will be released. »Last wish«Sends us to the heart of the dreaming city to rip the heart out of the creature that lives there. In the above trailer Bungie grants first insights into the areas and enemies. Accordingly, we are most likely dealing with the possessed and fighting them both in the city and in the shadowy ascendant empire.

How good is the campaign? Our test on the story of Forsaken

What level of power do I need for Last Wish?

There are no official requirements yet, Dataminer have already dug into the game files and discovered the following power levels for the raid:

  • The minimum level is 520. Only with this you can start the last wish.
  • The recommended levels is 550. So you do not have to be on the new maximum power level 600. While it certainly can not hurt – experience has shown that Destiny's raids are a tough nut to crack even on the recommended level.

However, Bungie has not yet confirmed the findings of the Dataminer, so the final requirements could be different.

What's changing in the Raid gameplay?

Two game mechanic innovations are already known. For one thing, you can call Petra Venj for Mica or Legendary Fragments Raid Banner to buy. When we place them in the raid, allies can refuel super energy and heavy ammo. So you are a better version of the old Heavy Syntheses.

On the other hand, the changes Revival mechanics, Instead of 30 seconds, we now have two and a half minutes to help fallen teammates back up. However, they count for all players, the timer is reset only when the whole squad blesses the time. If a player is not revived in time, the entire team must believe in it. Each member carries a token that can be used to enliven a comrade.

For example, if a colleague dies and we revive him after 30 seconds, a token and 30 seconds of the team-wide timer are used up. If another comrade falls later, the timer will now start at 2:00. He does not tick faster, however, when several team members fall at the same time.

Story and the boss of Last Wish

There are already some speculation, But because it's based on spoilers from the Forsaken campaign, we put them in a spoiler box for safety:

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

At the end of Forsaken it turns out that Uldren Sov was deceived by a projection in the form of his supposedly dead sister Mara. "Mara" persuaded him to free her from her prison in the dreaming city. But when he thought he'd made it, a nasty monstrosity broke out instead, the "voice of Riven."

Now, the real Mara Sov (or at least that's how Petra believes!) Leads us into the city and kills the monster. The Forsaken Triumphs menu reveals that the raid's last boss will actually be "Riven, the thousand-voice".

But who is that exactly? Riven is one of the Ahamkara, part of a race of kite-like shapeshifters. They appeared shortly after the traveler and had the ability to grant wishes. But when it turned out that the price was too high, they were exterminated in a big hunt. However, Riven survived in the care of Mara Sov. However, it was eventually owned and corrupted by King Oryx. The fans speculate that she is now serving Oryx's sister Savathûn.

Already discovered lore snippets on the new raid items seem to confirm this: they tell how Riven encounters a "queen" who reminds her of the "king," but has a more subtle nature. Moreover, these texts reveal that Riven herself has kept her free will.

Some players have already glitched into the raid, getting a first glimpse of the area and even looting the items with said Lore tabs:


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