Destiny 2: War Spirits should already be stars in Destiny 1

Destiny 2: War Spirits should already be stars in Destiny 1

The second expansion “Kriegsgeist” puts the Super-KIs in the limelight of the further story of Destiny 2 , But war ghosts should be much more in focus in the first part of Destiny. What had Bungie originally intended for Rasputin and Charlemagne?
As part of the second expansion “War Spirit” for Destiny 2 Super KIs will play a central role. But even in the predecessor, the war spirits should be an integral part of the original story, which was then rebooted during the development of Destiny 1. We show what Bungie originally intended for Rasputin and Charlemagne.
Destiny Concept Kind of a fallen giant on Mars
Rasputin was the focus of the original Destiny
Many fans remember the last warrior Rasputin from the cosmodrome. This will obviously play an important role in the second part of Destiny with the release of the second DLC. But Destiny 1 had more in store for the last remaining Super AI than just listening to classical music in its bunker on Earth.
That was originally supposed to happen to Rhasputin at Destiny 1:
In the original story version from 2013 Rasputin was the focus of the action. At the time, he was to be kidnapped by the band during the plot and taken to the grave ship known as the “King of the Possessed”. The focus of the game should then lie on his rescue.
Rasputin also had a physical appearance in the form of an exo-body. Only in the context of a DLC should then be known that Rasputin is not an exo, but an AI and the exo-body has only controlled.
Rasputin in its original form
But even after the story reboot can be found in Destiny 1 still evidence that Rasputin has used a physical body. So in his war spirit bunker on Earth, there is a secret room that can not be entered in the normal way out of the game.
However, if you glide into this room, you will see numerous monitors and control elements as well as a number of seats, one of which is driven up and lit up. Fans suspect that Rasputin’s exo body was kept here.

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That would also encourage the theory of many fans that Rasputin could also use an Exo body in the War Spirit DLC for Destiny 2.
This really happened with Rasputin in Destiny 1:
Rasputin’s core in Destiny 1
The last remaining war spirit from the Golden Age of Humanity remained part of the Destiny 1 storyline even after the reboot, stationed in the cosmodrome on Earth, but no longer at the center of the storyline. Also, he no longer had an exo body, but was known only in the form of a huge technical structure with a penchant for classical music and Russian quotes.
Although the lore around Rasputin in Destiny 1 is still very large, it can mostly be found in the Grimoire maps in the form of code fragments.
Charlemagne was to become the original Martian war spirit
Charlemagne was not only the English and French name of Charlemagne – King of the Franks – but also a Mars war spirit originally planned for Destiny 1.
That was originally supposed to happen with Charlemagne at Destiny 1:
Charlemagne, a Warrior AI, was scheduled to play Destiny’s story reboot just like Rasputin, and even featured promo material for the Pre-Alpha. Players should recover a fraction of their AI core in the course of the story.
In addition, another place – Charlamagne’s Vault – was planned below the dust palace known from Destiny. Here players should receive the famous handgun thorn during the story.
Concept Art of Charlemagne’s Vault
However, this place was either not completed or deleted along with the Martian martial spirit Charlemagne from the plot. Only one concept type of his vault still exists.
That actually became Charlemagne in Destiny 1:
Charlemagne has not disappeared from the Destiny universe without a trace. In one step of the quest for the Sleeper Simulant weapon, you have to charge the Ikelos Fusion Core. To do that, you have to secure war satellites as part of WARSAT events on Earth, the Moon and Mars.
The war satellites on Earth and Moon have the abbreviation RSPN and on Mars the abbreviation CHLM. According to Lore experts, these abbreviations are correspondingly for Rasputin and Charlemagne, who are said to have originally controlled the respective satellites.
Concept Art of the Dust Palace on Mars
So a potential return of the Martial Martial Spirit in upcoming DLCs is still possible. And for fans, it’s quite possible that Charlemagne’s and Rasputin’s paths could intersect again. Because at Bungie, nothing is thrown away.
What do you think? Will some elements of the original story return with the second DLC “War Spirit”?
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