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Thursday September 22, 2022 – Nîmes Métropole. On the occasion of the inauguration of the Nîmes Est carpooling car park on Wednesday 21 September 2022, Nîmes Métropole and VINCI Autoroutes co-signed a “Low-carbon motorways” agreement. This is the first of its kind in Occitania, linking a metropolis and a motorway concessionaire in favor of new mobility and the preservation of the environment in Occitania.

Co-financed by the 2 partners for an amount of 562,000 euros, this new carpooling car park is built on land acquired and provided by the Métropole, and directly connected to interchange No. 24 of the A9 motorway, to promote the development shared mobility within the territory of Nîmes, particularly in the context of daily journeys.

With 56 free parking spaces, the car park offers 2 spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility, and soon charging stations for electric vehicles. It will eventually be connected to the city’s urban transport network. 24 trees will be planted in November to compensate for the 9 pines felled because they deform the roadway.

Designed to blend into its environment and contribute to its preservation, this area will have various plants adapted to the climate and a device to collect and manage rainwater as close as possible to its point of fall. The car park also has LED lighting, waste collection equipment and secure pedestrian paths.

« In all its approach to mobility, our ecometropolis is always extremely vigilant, attentive and committed to respecting the environment and strengthening biodiversity “, recall Franck Proust, president of Nîmes Métropole, and Jean-Marc Campello, vice-president, delegate for mobility and transport infrastructure.

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A project that is part of a more global partnership between Nîmes Métropole and VINCI Autoroutes, intended to accelerate the development of low-carbon mobility. Responding to this major challenge, the agreement signed between the two entities aims to provide concrete and innovative solutions and services in terms of mobility.

Indeed the A9 and A54 motorways pass through the heart of the Nîmes territory and notably serve the towns of Nîmes, Marguerittes, Garons, Caissargues, and the east of the metropolis via the Remoulins interchange. A strategic sector since it receives traffic of more than 100,000 vehicles per day on average, combining long-distance travel and daily mobility (home-work journey, leisure, health, etc.).

With this partnership, the purpose of which is to reinvent the uses of the motorway within the Nîmes metropolitan area, Nîmes Métropole and VINCI Autoroutes are in particular giving themselves the means to work together so that the structuring motorway axes as well as the future western bypass from Nîmes can be more accessible to buses and express coaches and thus improve the existing offer.

And Pierre Coppey, Chairman of VINCI Autoroutes, recalls: “ Our partnership agreement is indeed an accelerator of initiatives in the service of sustainable mobility. And we all hope that it will have the same accelerating effect for the structuring project of which we wish as ardently as the Agglo the effective launch: I mean of course the western bypass of Nîmes ».

Materials available:

1-Summary note on the partnership between Nîmes Métropole and Vinci Autoroutes

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2-Convention for a low-carbon motorway signed between Nîmes Métropole and Vinci Autoroutes

3-Speech by Franck Proust, President of Nîmes Métropole

4-Speech by Pierre Coppey, Chairman of Vinci Autoroutes

5-Photo of the cutting of the inaugural ribbon of the Nîmes Est carpooling area Wednesday September 21, 2022 (Credit: Nîmes Métropole) – Caption (from left to right): Mohamed Zaouech, Salvador Nunez, Pierre Coppey, Amélia Rung (VINCI Autoroutes), Franck Proust, Richard Tiberino, Antoine Marcos (Nîmes Métropole)

6-Photo of the signing of the low-carbon motorway agreement between Nîmes Métropole and VINCI Autoroutes Wednesday September 21, 2022 (Credit: Nîmes Métropole) – Caption (from left to right): Franck Proust and Pierre Coppey