Details of the appearance of the moon giant for the month of Shawwal .. Wednesday

Details of the appearance of the moon giant for the month of Shawwal .. Wednesday

Majid Abu Zahra, president of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, said that the moon reaches the stage of conjugation on Wednesday, 28 Ramadan 1439 corresponding to 13 June 2018 (according to the vision) at 13:13 GMT, ending an orbital cycle around the Earth and starting a new conjunction course A new associative month adds to it the description of the giant mascot. He added that conjugation is one of the houses of the moon and means that the sun and the moon occur at one altitude in the sky, that is, when they are located on one celestial longitude and the moon is about to move from the west of the sun to the east. It is a global event that takes place in one moment on all parts of the earth and after a period of time There is a phase called “humiliation” and means the vision of the new moon after the conjunction with the sun and the exit from the moat and distance from the sun enough for the emergence of light on the surface.
On the evening of the investigation day Thursday, 29 Ramadan 1439 corresponding to June 14, 2018 (according to the vision) will be the sun in Mecca at 7:04 pm local time and at that time the moon will be at 8 degrees and the angle of 288 degrees and the angle of elongation 11 degrees and light surface 1% From the light of the full moon, and will see the moon of the moon on this day is prepared using astronomical observations of the naked eye in the event of weather conditions appropriate, and will go after sunset at 44 minutes at 7:48 pm. On Friday evening, June 15, 2018, the moon’s moon is seen high and clear after sunset, and the reason is that the pairing occurred a long time on Wednesday. Because the moon is close to a point from the bottom point, its apparent mass will be large or so-called giant moon. He explained that the description of the “giant moon” is called on the moon either in the moat or the full moon when the distance between the center of the moon and the center of the earth within the 362,146 km, which is known scientifically as “moon of the bottom” and intended to hit the Moon at the nearest point of the Earth and in the case of This moat moon will be at a distance of 360,721 kilometers of land. This time of the lunar month is ideal for observing faint objects in the depths of space such as galaxies, nebulae and star clusters because the sky will be dark because there is no moonlight that normally obscures the natural lights in the sky. Reference is made to the proof of the moon moon of Shawwal and the beginning of the Eid al-Fitr is entrusted to the competent authorities in every Arab country.
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