Details of the arrest of the famous Iraqi blogger “Sylvana Dilshad” and a security source reveals the reason

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Security forces in the city of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, arrested the civil activist and blogger Silvana Dilshad today, Sunday, for “misusing communication devices.”

Iraqi security sources said, “Two days ago, a court order was issued to summon civil activist and blogger Silvana Dilshad, because a complaint had been filed against her for misuse of communications equipment, but she refused to go to court.”

She added, “After sending her a summons order twice, and refusing to appear before the court, an arrest warrant was issued against Silvana Chad and executed by the security authorities in Erbil today, Sunday. She is currently in a reformatory prison for women in Erbil, and is awaiting her presentation before the court, tomorrow, Monday.”

The civil activist and blogger Silvana Dilshad is one of the famous activists in the Kurdistan region on social networking sites in Iraq.