Details of the detention of 60 French special forces in Syria are known in Syria


On the border with Iraq, the French motorcade was met by an escort team from the Kurdish group “Democratic Forces of Syria”. Together they proceeded towards El-Kamishly.

According to the source, during the interrogation of the SAA, the French reported that they were going to El-Kamyshly and were traveling along signs. We will add from ourselves that it is difficult to think up a more stupid and imprudent idea in the conditions of war, where the front line is unstable. Moving along the signs, a convoy of twenty jeeps with French soldiers eventually instead of calling at El-Kamyshly through a checkpoint controlled by the Kurds, went out on the bypass road and thus got on the only (!) Roadblock outside the airport.
Representatives of the Syrian special services interviewed the senior group of the French military, his subordinates were photographed, copies of the passports were taken from the passports, data on the cars were also documented (numbers on the white Toyota were Iraqi).
Let me remind you that when inspecting jeeps, SAA fighters found sniper rifles, thermal imagers and other specific military equipment.
The senior group (pictured) told the Mukhabarat that the purpose of the arrival of the French contingent in Syria was to participate in military operations against IGIL on the side of the Kurdish group “Democratic Forces of Syria”. After El-Kamishly, the detachment had to head to Hassaka, and then to Deir ez-Zor (several enclaves of which are controlled by the Kurds on the eastern bank of the Euphrates). After two hours foreign visitors were missed by Kurds and DSS special services. As a result of extremely tense negotiations between the DSS and the SAA, the French were still released. They were rescued by the fact that at the moment the opposition Asad DSS are in the regime of allied relations with the SAA. At least, with regard to the fight against terrorists from IGIL. Summarizing, we can say that this was the first large-scale deployment of the French contingent in Syria. This fact confirms the words of US President Trump, said after a meeting with French President Macron, that the US allies have joined the ground operation in Syria.


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