Details of the murder of the maniac Breivik: he considered himself a knight, he laughed at the massacre

The wounded pretended to be dead. Some tried to swim despite the bleeding wounds. Others begged for their lives. The shooter had no mercy. It was the worst massacre since World War II.

Breivik was completely taken aback by Nora’s action. The intelligence services had no idea of ​​his plans. Hell broke out on July 22 before half past three in the afternoon. “Breivik parked the van in a block of office buildings, which also housed the office of the then Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. He then left the car and it exploded. The explosion killed eight people, injured 209, of which 12 were serious, “recalls the fateful day of Norwegian television NRK.

As rescuers and police officers approached the blast site, where white smoke rose, Breivik, disguised as a fake police uniform, was heading for Utøya Island.

I heard his breath

The annual camp of the youth section of the left-wing Norwegian Labor Party has just taken place on the island. There were hundreds of young people whom Breivik had come to kill in cold blood. “At the time Breivik was heading for the island, there were about six hundred participants,” writes Sky News.

A fake police uniform and ID also opened the way for Breivik Island. He first murdered one of the camp leaders and an action security guard. Fifteen-year-old survivor of the attack, Elise told the Norwegian radio station NPR a few days after the incident that she heard gunshots, but then saw a police officer and thought she was safe. But right in front of her, he started firing at the people around him. “I have seen many dead. First he fired at people on land, then he started shooting people who jumped into the water, “Elise described the frightening moments.

Other witnesses also confirmed that Breivik, as a fleeting police officer, called as many people as possible. Elise survived Breivik’s attack by hiding behind a rock on which he stood. “I heard his breath,” she said.

Breivik had no mercy. Teenagers also fell to the ground. “I talked to witnesses who saw young people trying to get in and hide by the water. But the shooter came up to them and executed them with a pistol bullet, “outlined Norwegian correspondent NRK Hallzard Sandberg.

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The murder on the island took almost an hour and a half. Dana Berzingi, twenty-one at the time of the attack, escaped unharmed. She was one of those who called the police from hiding. “I lost a few friends. Some of the wounded pretended to be dead in order to survive. But after the attacker shot people with one gun, he pulled out the other and shot them directly in the head, “said Berzingi.

Camp participants also confirmed that Breivik rejoiced after each intervention. “It’s like he’s playing a computer game,” Berzingi said.

When a special police commando arrived on the island, Breivika was surrounded. He gave up without a fight. Unlike some other terrorists, he did not plan to die in the act. On the contrary, he wanted to use the trial, which was to follow the act logically, to promote his perverted ideas. In court, for example, he also hailed to get the media’s attention and get on the front pages.

Cell with TV

Shortly after the attack, Breivik’s name appeared in the media. Many people remained taken aback. As several books mention his act, Islamic religious terrorism was considered a threat in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Especially after the attacks in New York and London. It was shocking that the 32-year-old Norwegian citizen, who also planned the whole act outside the sights of the police or intelligence services, committed the massacre.

In the end, the balance of the massacre was more than frightening. “This is beyond human comprehension. It is a nightmare for those whose loved ones were killed, for mothers, fathers, families and friends, “said the then Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in the speech the day after the attack.

Meanwhile, police have questioned Breivik. As police representatives subsequently stated, Breivik cooperated with them from the beginning, testified and insisted that he explain his act. “He confessed to both the bombing and the shooting, without any problems,” said terrorism expert Ramon Spaaj in one of his books.

The trial of Breivik began more than a year after the attack. The ruthless killer made his own theater out of him. As he stated in his manifesto, which had 1,518 pages, he wanted to use the process to acquaint the company with his ideas. “He sent his manifesto, 2018: The European Declaration of Independence, to more than a thousand e-mail addresses about an hour and a half before he had a bomb explode in downtown Oslo,” recalls The Guardian.

Investigators and security analysts have described Breivik as a man with a strong anti-Islamic vision. He hates Islam and considers migrants a threat. “He put himself in the role of a knight to prevent the spread of Muslims to Europe,” writes The Guardian.

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Breivik explained the decision to shoot young people in the camp of a left-wing political party by saying that it was left-wing thinking that allowed Islam to penetrate Europe.

Shortly after the act, the media began to speculate on what punishment Breivik could receive. Some commentators have not forgotten to point out that the system is too benevolent towards people like Breivik. “The harshest punishment a person can be sentenced to in Norway is twenty-one years behind bars. This means that if Breivik behaves well, he may be out after sixteen years. Maybe after fourteen. And then he will be a free man again, despite killing so many people. We do not have laws that would provide adequate punishment for the act that was committed, “commented Norwegian television commentator Sandberg a few days after Breivik’s rampage for foreign servers.

Indeed, Anders Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in prison on 24 August 2012 in the most media-watched trial in Norwegian history.

Although commentators feared that he would be released early after Breivik’s act, the conviction decision contained a clause. “The verdict mentioned the possibility that Breivik’s sentence would be extended. This is in the event that at the end of the sentence he is assessed as a threat to society, “writes The Guardian.

The court’s decision was welcomed by Norwegian society and the families of the victims. Especially abroad, however, Breivik’s new “place of work” provoked criticism. “The terrorist began serving his sentence in a three-room room equipped with furniture and a television,” wrote The Atlantic server. Breivik’s “luxury” accommodation, however, resulted from the fact that in Norway it is the standard form of a cell.

Nevertheless, Breivik himself is not very happy with his residence. He is serving his sentence in solitary confinement. “Breivik tried to try with the Norwegian state and demanded that his isolation in prison be ended. He argued that conditions as strict as his own violated his human rights. He won the first round of litigation, but failed on appeal. The Norwegian Supreme Court subsequently refused to pursue his case. Breivik also failed at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, “recalls Reuters.

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This summer, Breivik may ask the court for parole. “He will get this opportunity just like any other prisoner. He has the right to apply after ten years, “writes Reuters.

Already last year, Breivik’s lawyer stated that Breivik would actually apply for parole. However, due to the mood in society and the attitude of political leaders, it is not expected that the terrorist will be satisfied and thus remain in prison at least until the end of the twenty-one-year sentence.

Long wait for help

After Breivik’s attack, not only the topic of terrorist attacks of so-called lone wolves arose – that is, people who are not part of any known terrorist organization, preparing for attacks outside the field of attention of the security forces and acting so-called on their own. Given that Breivik is considered an extreme right-wing extremist, this type of terrorism has once again come to the fore.

The Norwegian police and intelligence service have earned a great deal of criticism. Breivik did not appear in their records before the act. He acquired the weapons in a legal way, as well as the ingredients for making the bomb. He stated that he had an agricultural company. However, the lonely man often contributed to Internet forums, where he expressed his hateful attitudes.

Further criticism was directed at the police’s action on the day of the attack. The victims on Utøya Island waited for police intervention for almost 90 minutes, and if the police arrived earlier, the death toll may not have been as high. “We had a problem getting to the island. It was difficult to find adequate vessels. The problem was solved when an intervention unit arrived on the scene, “admitted Shortly after Breivik’s act, the head of the Norwegian police, Sveinung Sponheim.

The police have also been criticized for confusing communication with the media and between their various forces. The activities of the police forces were reviewed.