Details of the next album by Dua Lipa were known

Dua Lipa He is one of the great figures of the moment. Your name cannot be absent from any awards ceremony. His latest production Future Nostalgia it was a great success, with several cuts that reached the top of the world’s major charts.

Joe Kentish, president of Warner UK, said that the artist is already thinking about her third album. In an interview with Variety, the leader of the music industry said that ideas are already being shared in view of a new job.

It’s like the Terminator, it just can’t be stopped!Kentish emphasized. “Every time we think that everything is calm, another single appears in another country in the rankings. Will be something completely different and on a large scale “.

Since the launch of Future NostalgiaIn March 2020, Dua Lipa presented a remixed version of the album under the title Club Future Nostalgia, with the participation of great figures, underground heroes and some of the most important talents in music, and the great Madonna. He also recruited DaBaby for “Levitating.” Without stopping working, the artist surprised with Future Nostalgia (Moonligh Edition) where she had as a guest Miley Cyrus and “Prisoner”.

“The last few months were unreal. I saw them dance in their houses and at their zoom parties with Future Nostalgia as if we were together on a disco. During this time, I decided to up the ante with the incomparable The Blessed Madonna, who secretly helped me create the mixtape that would become Club Future Nostalgia”said the star in a statement about the participation of the queen of pop.

Singer Dua Lipa and her dancers performing for the BRIT Awards at the O2 Arena in London, England. (Photo: Reuters)

Days ago, Dua Lipa was the absolute winner of the Brit Awards, taking home important awards such as the award for best British female artist and best album. The British composer of Albanian-Kosovar origin starred in a gala that marked the return of live shows to the United Kingdom after the coronavirus, and it was a multi-colored waste in front of 4,000 attendees, mostly essential workers.

He also went through the stage of the important Brit Awards, where he wore a Union Jack shirt, the British flag, while pretending to travel on the London subway where he performed his hits “Hallucinate”, “Don’t start now” o “Physical”.

“It is very good to applaud but we also have to pay. I think we all have to give them a huge round of applause and send a message to Boris (Johnson) that we all support a fair pay raise for those on the front lines, ”the singer asked in the auditorium.

His record with “Studio 2054”

In early December, the singer wowed the world with her great livestream show, breaking the record with more than 5 million views. Official figures include more than 1.9 million hits from China, 95,000 from India, and 263,264 tickets sold through the most popular platforms.

An impressive show, with a great staging, neon lights, dancers, plus important guests such as Elton John, J Balvin, Bad Bunny Y Kylie Minogue, among others. Miley Cyrus had his participation with a video. Let us remember that Dua participated in the recent topic “Prisoner”, next to the American.

Also, in an interview with TN, the Englishwoman revealed that she missed the concerts with an audience and hopes they can return soon. “Of course I really miss live shows. I love acting and I love being in the crowd and I miss it, every day, and like everyone else, I’m waiting for them to come back so we can all be together again. “

Dua Lipa performing on stage. (Photo: AFP)

In the talk, too promised to return to Argentina as soon as the shows and tours return, and he remembered that on his last visit he had great moments. “I really miss Argentine wine and people, I would love to go back to their parties and dance all night, I will never forget those shows,” he said. The last time Dua Lipa visited our country was in 2017 when, in addition to opening for Coldplay, he had his own sold-out Vorterix show.