details of what happened to them

“Not even COVID hit us so hard”, this is how the Colombian presenter summarizes these last days in which she has had to stay in bed and pay close attention to her children, since both were affected by what she defined as a “virus”.

Laura Acuña turned a few days ago and that day she almost did not publish details of her celebration. She although she did not say since when she is so sick, The bumanguesa did express that they have been very difficult days next to her children.

The situation was so serious that she had to stay in bed and her two children had a very bad cough. In fact, the largest is still in the process of recovery. “I was with a very horrible virus that sent me to bed, but I’m fine now. Nico too, and he has a cough. Helenita did touch me with antibiotics. She gave us a very bad virus, but Nico and I took her out cheap, ”she pointed out.

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Laura Acuña and her children were very sick

The presenter who has already said that she is part of a new Caracol Television project that will begin recording in a few days, gave details of her family’s health, although she did not mention anything about her husband.

Laura Acuña said that her state of health has already improved a lotalthough she was the least affected because she managed to recover well and faster than her children.

Nicolás, the youngest son, was the second who managed to regain strengthalthough he still has a cough. Nevertheless, the eldest, Helena, is still recovering because he had a fever for several days and he even had to give him an antibiotic.

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“Nico had a fever one day and Helena like four. I didn’t have a fever, but I had a horrible sickness, bedridden, with no desire for anything and a lot of cough. Nico still has a cough, but it’s very controlled with the inhalers and stuff. I don’t have a cough, I recovered much faster, “said the presenter.

And he added: “Helenita yes much more cough than us and has had fever more days. Today she got up with her eyes as if with conjunctivitis, her throat hurts, her chest hurts ”.

Nevertheless, Laura Acuña is at home giving a lot of care to her two children in the Instagram stories she was shown with the childalthough yes, all his followers asked him several questions on this subject, because days ago Cristina Hurtado had also expressed that she had to go with the youngest of her children to the clinic.