Home News Detainee escapes with "heavily armed" commando

Detainee escapes with "heavily armed" commando

At the Béziers prison. – Damourette / SIPA

  • On Monday, an inmate managed to escape with the help of two "heavily armed" criminals.
  • This prisoner from Béziers prison escaped on his arrival at the court of Tarascon where he was to be heard.

A prisoner from Béziers prison escaped on Monday morning when he arrived at the courthouse
Tarascon, in
Bouches-du-Rhone, after the attack of his prison escort by a "heavily armed" commando.

The facts took place around 8:30 am, according to a statement from the Ministry of Justice, while the detainee was to be brought before an investigating judge. At the edge of the courthouse, two criminals burst. The attackers carried "violent blows" to the prison staff, and shot several shots in court without causing injuries, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Tarascon, Patrick Desjardins.

Eleven cases found

"They did not hesitate to fire at the vehicle when it tried to escape with the prisoner still on board, and several impacts were noted on the van, including one on the windshield, "The man," insisted the prosecutor, noting that the release of the inmate of the van had not been filmed by surveillance cameras.

At the end of this commando operation conducted "by very determined individuals", at least 11 sockets were found on the scene, at the rear of the palace, a 9 mm, "probably the handgun seen on the video images of the attack, "and several of 5.52, the type of assault rifle, said Patrick Desjardins.

Inmate "particularly watched"

"A prison officer was the victim of beatings, says the custody of the Seals in a press release. Prison officers were immediately taken in charge by the fire brigade. A psychological support cell was also set up by the registry officials who attended the scene. "

The escaped prisoner, 27 years old, did not have the status of "particularly watched prisoner", insisted Patrick Desjardins, but he was "in the high end of the delinquency, (…) even if it is still too early to talk about big banditism ".


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