Detected in 10 percent of those caught in Kovid…


Cardiology Specialist Dr. Aykut Demirkiran, Dr. İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu said that in the examination carried out by experts on patients who contracted coronavirus at City Hospital, it was determined that 10 percent of 500 patients had new-onset heart failure.

Stating that the coronavirus can cause severe damage to the heart, Demirkıran stated that it causes heart failure and heart muscle inflammation, and said: “The coronavirus causes severe damage to the heart, it can cause various mechanisms. It can cause heart muscle inflammation, which we call myocarditis. By increasing blood coagulation, we call it acute coronary syndrome. It can cause heart failure by causing heart attack.In addition, in a study we conducted in our hospital, we found that 10 percent of our patients had a new-onset heart failure as a result of examining more than 500 patients.In most of these patients, increased blood pressure, which we call troponin, in myocardial inflammation or heart attack We also found that the values ​​​​are normal. That is, the troponin value does not increase, there is no sign of heart muscle inflammation or heart attack, but heart failure develops in the patient.”


Demirkıran explained that they also apply cardiac treatment to patients with heart disease due to coronavirus, “We routinely perform echocardiography for our patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit. We detected improvement in the general condition of the patients and a decrease in shortness of breath after starting the treatment.Of course, we routinely start our treatment called Favipiravir in the treatment of Covid. Afterwards, we determined that all cardiac functions were recovered in all of them. So this is what happens, it was the first in the literature,” he said.

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Stating that Covid-19 disease causes heart failure, especially if the patient’s troponin value has not increased, Dr. Demirkıran said: “Patients recover with the treatment of heart failure. Most of the time, we do not detect a permanent cardiac dysfunction in these patients. To give an example, a 55-year-old female patient was admitted to our emergency room and then to our intensive care unit with severe shortness of breath. His functions were 35 percent, but there was absolutely no heart failure, no heart disease, no coronary artery disease in the previous history of the patient. Of course, this is one of our first patients, we were surprised that he had heart failure because there is no such clinic. We also performed coronary angiography. Our patient’s veins were completely removed. Then, we started heart failure treatment for this patient and it completely approached normal on the 18th day. In the first month, the cardiac functions of our patient, the markers showing the cardiac functions, which we call injection fraction in echocardiography, and cardiac fracture returned to their completely normal values. i Covid disease also causes a temporary heart failure. We definitely need to consider heart failure in our Covid patients.”


Noting that there is no argument about how someone who has contracted Covid-19 can protect themselves from heart failure, Demirkıran said, “First of all, it is necessary to consider heart failure. Especially in patients with shortness of breath, it is absolutely necessary to check with echocardiography. Then, if there is heart dysfunction, “It is necessary to add the treatment of heart failure to our patient. In our Covid patients, our patients whose general condition has deteriorated, who have been admitted to the intensive care unit, who have more shortness of breath, are higher and higher than the patients who are admitted to the service, have less shortness of breath, and have less complaints,” he said.

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