Detector: the WHO has not granted the “category of excellence” to the Cuban Sovereign 2 vaccine

The WhatsApp chat of La Silla Vacía (+57 318 312452) came a chain that talks about a vaccine against the covid that is being developed in Cuba.

The chain starts like this:

Cuba! Cuba! Cuba!

#Cuba #Coronavirus #Vaccine #Argentina


“The WHO gave a category of excellence to the Cuban vaccine against the Sovereign coronavirus 2”, which, (serves even for pediatric use, something that no current vaccine had achieved)

“Sovereign 2 was developed in Cuba, it is the first Latin American vaccine against coronavirus and after phase III tests it would be ready in May“.

As several of our users asked us to verify the veracity of the image and as Facebook users also have doubts about its veracity, we decided to pass the Lie Detector to him.

We found that the string is false because the World Health Organization has not awarded the “category of excellence” to that vaccine.

This is what the chain that circulates on WhatsApp and Facebook looks like:

Soberana 2 is one of the five Cuban vaccines against covid (Soberana 01, Soberana 02, Abdala, Mambisa and Soberana Plus) which is in clinical trials.

The vaccines are being developed by the Finlay Vaccine Institute and the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

But WHO has not awarded the “category of excellence”, as the chain says

This was confirmed by the Pan American Health Organization, a WHO affiliate, to colleagues from EFE.

Through an email he indicated “We welcome all the vaccine developments in Latin America and the Caribbean but we have not made that qualification ”.

He also clarified that “the WHO does not qualify vaccines “and recalled that Sovereign 2” has not yet finished its clinical testing phases. “

The WHO evaluates them once they finish their 3 phases ”and that is when“ the producer submits them to the WHO for their prequalification or their inclusion in the list of emergency use, ”said PAHO.

In turn, a WHO document that includes the list of vaccines and the status in which they are in the evaluation process indicates that the candidate vaccines Soberana 1, Soberana 2 and Soberana Plus are under “discussion” in the first step known as EOI (expression of interest).

During this procedure, the producer must provide the WHO with the necessary documents to initiate its evaluation, which focuses on its development process and its chronology.

And the business group that develops the Cuban vaccine also denied the chain

BioCubaFarma, the Business Group of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries of Cuba, which brings together 32 companies that are responsible for research, development, production and marketing of different drugs denied the information last week.

The companies that are developing vaccines against Covid-19 in that country (Finlay Vaccine Institute and Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) are affiliated with this group.

And Argentina still hasn’t bought those vaccines

As reported by media such as CNN and Clarín, the government of Alberto Fernández did start conversations with Cuba to buy the Sovereign 2 vaccine.

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, affirmed that it is a “highly prioritized strategy” by the Fernández administration.

Last week, the Argentine President He indicated that he spoke with his Cuban counterpart, Miguel Díaz Canel, about the possible purchase of the vaccines.

“I was speaking with the president of Cuba, with the engineer Díaz Canel. Cuba has done a job that all scientists say is wonderful, very important, developing a vaccine called Sovereign, which has two versions, which is in phase 3.

I asked him what was the production capacity he had, he told me about the difficulties he has to work and I offered him that we work together so that all of Latin America can access a vaccine”Fernández said.

Therefore, we classify the chain that circulates on WhatsApp as false.