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DETR: a new town hall for the town hall of Cabrières

Updated on 04/07/2022

Saturday July 2, Marie-Françoise Lecaillon, prefect of Gard, inaugurated in the presence in particular of Gille Gadille, mayor of Cabrières, Antoine Marcos, mayor of Bezouce, Gérard Blanc, departmental councilor, Rémi Nicolas, community councilor of Nîmes Métropole, by Julie Delalonde, regional councilor, by Philippe Berta, deputy for Gard and by Laurent Burgoa, senator for Gard, the new town hall of Cabrières as well as the fresco created by Nadège Feron in connection with the Da Storm association financed by the community of the agglomeration of Nîmes Métropole.

After 40 years of existence as a village hall, this building now houses the premises of the new town hall.

This rehabilitation of an amount of 557,855 euros benefited from a State subsidy of 223,140 euros under the Endowment of Equipment for Rural Territories (DETRRural Territories Equipment Endowment) but also from competition funds from Nîmes Métropole (107,358 euros) as well as a subsidy from the regional council of 100,000 euros.