Business Deutsche Bahn plans record investment in infrastructure

Deutsche Bahn plans record investment in infrastructure


Deutsche Bahn plans to invest a record EUR 12.2 billion in its infrastructure this year – EUR 1.5 billion more than in the previous year. It is the largest sum that has ever been available at Deutsche Bahn for this purpose, said Infrastructure Director Ronald Pofalla. “With these funds, we can further improve the rail network.”

Overall, the federally owned group plans to renew around 1,800 kilometers of tracks and more than 1,900 switches this year. 160 bridges are also to be modernized. The largest part of the sum, around 5.4 billion euros, comes from the service and financing agreement that Deutsche Bahn concluded with the federal government last year to renew the existing infrastructure. 2.2 billion euros are to be used for the expansion and new construction.

However, travelers have to prepare for numerous construction sites in view of the plans. For example, bridges, tracks and switches between Norddeich, Bremen and Rheine are to be replaced between February and March. The route between Mannheim and Stuttgart will also be renewed. Between April and October, 190 kilometers of tracks and 54 switches are to be renovated there.

Further construction measures are planned on the Berlin-Doberlug-Kirchhain, Nuremberg-Regensburg and Treuchtlingen-Augsburg routes, among others. What restrictions were involved was initially unclear.

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