Devastated by the death of his brother, Kemar Lawrence plans to put his career on hold

We now know the reason: his brother died last month. A terrible tragedy for the 27-year-old player, who had already known the horror when his cousin was shot dead in front of his eyes in 2010.

Completely devastated, Lawrence no longer has his head in football at all. According to relatives, he would even consider taking a break from his football career. “He is mentally exhausted”, we are told in his entourage.

In Anderlecht, we take the measure of the drama that Lawrence is going through, arrived at the very end of the last winter transfer window. The club gives him time, while hoping for his return. He was hoped for in Neerpede last week but he is still not there. A telephone interview is scheduled for Friday between Kompany and Lawrence. The goal is to feel if the Jamaican will soon be able to return to Sporting, where we do not collapse under left-backs.


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