Developing skills; promoting dreams. – America Solidaria

Within the framework of the Durazno Territorio Concausa Project, we are happy to share that experiences and alliances continue to be consolidated to continue cultivating the dreams of adolescents.

Currently, the team of professional volunteers is leading a new proposal that arises from the alliance between América Solidaria and the Durazno Departmental Administration. Which has been a very important achievement to continue consolidating the arrival of the foundation to the department as well as opening the possibility of expanding the lines of work together.

This new virtual proposal called Plan 12 was born in order to accompany adolescents in the development of life skills in the context of health crisis and confinement, managing to lead projects that allow them to influence and transform their realities and those of their community.

The course consists of four modules to train adult referents in terms of the methodology of the Plan 12 and that they accompany the initiatives of adolescents. Thus, during the month of July the team together with INJU Durazno and the Youth Office have met weekly virtually with nine referents from the towns of Sarandí del Yi, Baygorria, Carlos Reyles, Centenario and Durazno.

Once the online training is finished, the referents will start the call for adolescents and will implement Plan 12 in their localities.

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