Development and Reform Commission: coal production costs are significantly lower than coal prices

Coal stocks Shenhua(1088)It is now at 16.6 yuan, down 0.95%; Yancoal(1171)It is now at 11.28 yuan, down 2.08%; Yancoal Australia(3668)The current price is 17.8 yuan, no change; China Coal Energy(1898)It is now at 4.71 yuan, down 2.28%; Yitai(3948)It is now reported at 6 yuan, up 2.04%.

China Power(2380)It is now at 3.86 yuan, down 1.03%; China Resources Power(0836)It is now at 19.66 yuan, down 2.91%; Huaneng Guodian(0902)Now reported at 3.96 yuan, down 2.22%; Datang Power(0991)It is now at 1.35 yuan, down 2.88%; Huadian International(1071)It is now reported at 2.85 yuan, down 2.73%.

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