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After two days of intense discussion, the Council of Bogota approved the Development Plan 2020-2024, which will be the navigation chart of the Management of Claudia Lopez.

One of the highlights of the rule and that it was the consensus of the council, is the reduction of inequality gaps for women, giving free reign to the District’s System of Care, which allows you to implement tools to reduce the feminization of poverty through a series of strategies to reduce the time that women spend in child care activities without remuneration.

This achievement is historic for bogota, since, according to figures from the District, 9 of every 10 women do unpaid household work for five and a half hours a day“a day in addition to his usual occupation, that is on average of 9 hours and a half. In addition, the wage gap is 17 %, that means that women earn, on average, $ 300,000 per month less than men. On the marathon day, that started Saturday and continued last night, the Council also said yes to the safe spaces for early childhood and adolescence.

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The Development Plan was built upon five major purposes and has the fundamental objectives of addressing and reducing the effects of the emergency by the covid-19 and the economic revival of the city pospandemia.


Perhaps one of the topics that generated most discussion was the enlargement of the functions of TransMilenio, on time to enable you to participate in development projects of public initiative or private, and in the construction and improvement of public space in the areas of influence of the components of Trunk, Zonal, and Cable. However, the plenary endorsed the initiative.

But also there was some controversy about the projects of the stem of TransMilenio in the avenues 68 and Cali, and by the green corridor of the race 7.Th, where the previous administration planned to build a backbone. Now, the mayor wants a green corridor, an initiative that was approved. To TransMilenio assigned to $5,98 billion.

It also generated extensive discussion of the creation of a public transport operator, which was approved in spite of the voices that indicated that the current transport crisisbecause may not exceed 35 % of their capacity, could increase the fiscal deficit of the system and, in addition, become the focus of bureaucracy.

The plenary endorsed in addition to the modification of the object of the Company Metro, which you can now build and operate the rail lines and metro, as well as rolling stock. The project will be $3,97 billion.

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Attention of the pandemic

In front of the care and mitigation of the effects of the pandemic, the standard posed by actions for strengthening the systems of emergency care and increase the capacity of response and timely care in the prevention and mitigation of other diseases.

In the social aspect, set the ‘minimum guaranteed income’ for poor households and vulnerable. This will be delivered in cash transfers, vouchers redeemable for goods and services, subsidies in kind and aid for leases, services and public transport. The program ‘Bogota solidarity at home’ will be integrated into this strategy with their sources of financing and targeting mechanisms, and operation.

Economic activation

The navigation chart for the four-year period includes, also, the economic recovery of the city through the contracting of infrastructure works and public and the momentum of private works and the revival of the manufacturing. These sectors, in the framework of the emergency, they must meet the biosecurity protocols and mobility.

The idea of the economic recovery is also to ensure the employment generation, particularly in the towns. But, in addition, to generate a so-called “green jobs”, using the recovery, restoration and reforestation of the ecological structure, and the construction and operation of nurseries, areas of urban agriculture, green roofs and vertical gardens.

With the same purpose, the Plan promotes urban and real estate developments through the Undertaking of Urban Renewal and Development, which you can run projects that tend towards the generation of employment and the promotion of new industries and economic activities.

And promotes the regional alliance for the purpose of composting, and the use and exploitation of solid waste and organic waste and electrical and chemical, allowing the participation of small businesses and the agricultural sector. It also poses to establish a new sourcing model that ensures the food sovereignty of the city and, at the same time, promotes the good agricultural practices.

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The chapter on environmental

In a series of articles, the Plan gives great importance to the environmental theme, which refers to prepare the city for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and in that sense it proposes the recovery and restoration of the ecological structure main, the increase in the offer of public space and green areas, as well as the de-pollution of the Bogota river and the water system.

In fact, it allocates resources for $ 405.279 million to key projects such as the management plan of the eastern hills, which includes $ 35,000 million; the reserve Thomas van der Hammen, with $ 53.889 million; the recovery of the wetland John Yellow, that will be $ 149.626,9 million, and for the wetland Jaboque, Burro, Cordoba, Ceiling, and The Cow provides $156.763,3 million.

The navigation chart of Bogotá also set up a system of monitoring and early warning, care and recovery of areas affected by forest fires. This topic involves communities, academia and private entities.

The navigation chart for the period 2020-2024 also establishes a system of monitoring and early warning, care and recovery of areas affected by forest fires. The standard proposes, in addition, promote the use of renewable energy, such as solar energy and bioenergy, and relieve you of the peak and plate for hybrid vehicles.

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