Development that causes concern – NÖ

If you have 0.5 per mille or more alcohol in your blood, you are not allowed to drive a car. That was decided by the National Council 25 years ago. With the introduction of the stricter blood alcohol limit, the aim was to react to the high number of fatal accidents.

If you look at the number of traffic fatalities, you can see success: the curve is going down. For most boys today, “Don’t drink and drive” is clear. Stories from the generation of grandparents that drunk driving used to be normal shake their heads in horror.

However, this does not apply to everyone, as the latest development shows: while there are fewer accidents overall, more accidents this year than in a long time were attributable to alcohol. Experts also see the current crises as a reason.

This is a cause for concern and needs your full attention. New campaigns, stricter controls and an analysis of the causes are necessary. Only then will the efforts of the past 25 years not have been in vain.

25 years alcohol limit