Dewi Sri’s beloved, these 5 Weton will be a sustenance harvest in the near future

Sonora.ID – Sustenance and wealth certainly cannot come by itself, you have to try and pray to pick up the treasure.

However, in Javanese Primbon, there are at least 5 weton who will get endless sustenance because they are loved by Dewi Sri, the goddess of fertility who was born from sadness.

This chosen Weton was able to succeed and sink into wealth thanks to his efforts and hard work until finally sustenance always came to him, even according to Primbon Jawa in the near future these 5 wetons will harvest sustenance.

Who are Dewi Sri’s 5 favorite wetons? Here’s the full explanation

Tuesday wage

In the Javanese Primbon, the Neptu Weton Tuesday wage is 7 which is obtained from the sum of Tuesday 3 and Wage 4.

Weton selasa wage has the nature of lakuning bum, mantri sinaroja and also under the auspices of satria wibawa.

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Sunday wage

The Neptu Weton week wage is 9 which is obtained from the sum of Sunday 5 and the wage 4.

Weton Minggu Wage has wind lacing properties which means it can be a cooler for the people around it.


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