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DFB team at the World Cup – Gaze into luck – sports

  • After a happy 1-0 (1-0) victory against Spain, Germany is just ahead of the group victory and needed in the final group match against South Africa only one point to secure the top spot.
  • Sara Däbritz succeeds by straddling the decisive goal.
  • Click here for the World Cup schedule.

By Ulrich Hartmann, Valenciennes

German football women have a daily ritual. Each player has to answer three questions about being well every morning: sleep, muscles, fitness. The sleep is likely to have received excellent poll ratings in the night of Thursday, because the German team is well on the way to avoid a knockout round of the World Cup in France against defending champion USA. After a pretty lucky 1: 0 (1-0) victory against Spain, Germany is just ahead of the group victory and needed in the final group match against South Africa only one point to secure the top spot. Spain, however, threatens the second place and thus a knockout round against those Americans, who had set a world championship record against Thailand at 13: 0 on the eve of. Of course you want to avoid such an opponent for as long as possible, and if the Germans keep on winning, then they will only play against the USA in the final.

"Dzsenifer Marozsán is irreplaceable," coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg said before the kick-off about her injured playmaker who was sitting in the stands with a broken middle-heze. Nevertheless, the Germans used their right to run aground with eleven players. The coach even made two more changes. She banished Melanie Leupolz and Carolin Simon to the replacement bench. For the latter Verena Schweers moved to the left in the defense chain. Sara Däbritz played in midfield between the two new Lena Gößling and Lena Oberdorf. Svenja Huth and Alexandra Popp marked the double point in 4-4-2.

DFB team in the individual review

Really alarm only makes Huth

Spain coach Jorge Vilda was not sure before the match whether Marozsán's announced defeat might have been more than a feint. "Players have played with a broken arm," he had said. But Marozsán shoots with right as with left, and with the toe break in the left foot every shot would have become painful.

The game started with a shock for the Germans, because the Spaniards pushed their vertical play into the depth from the beginning with vehemence. After eight seconds the German goalkeeper Almuth Schult had to clear Spain's fast center-forward Garcia and after six minutes the German central defender Sara Doorsoun. After 14 minutes Garcia shot very close to the goal. The German team swam, and that was not because it had poured in the first few minutes like from buckets. "We were lucky that we did not fall behind," said Voss-Tecklenburg.

In the second half, the three youngest in the squad are on the court

Only four times had German and Spanish women previously played against each other and never had the Spaniards won. Her desire to change that was obvious. When Garcia had to be treated injured after 25 minutes, all German players came together for a discussion, and it could only have been that it does not go on like this. From now on, they fought back with more courage and earned themselves first chances. As in the first game, there were a lot of ball losses left in their own half, so that Schult had a good time.

That the German women went in the 42nd Minute despite everything 1-0 in the lead, was a Spanish gift. The goalkeeper Sandra Paños had parried a popp header, but could not hold on, and instead of that Spain's defender Marta Torrejón the long-released ball firmly thrown away, came to Däbritz and stroked him with irrepressible will on the goal line. It was a slapstick-like scene, indicative of the game, but the goal was actually on the wrong side.

"I speculated that I could still get in. Then I just stooped in. The fact that the ball then goes in, of course, is outstanding," said the excited Däbritz on ZDF: "That was an absolute victory of the will." It was from the beginning to our goal of becoming first in the group. " For the Olympic champion in the last group match on Monday against the World Cup newcomer South Africa a point.

When, after the break, attacker Klara Bühl came in for defender Kathrin Hendrich, in a tricky match there were actually a 17- (Oberdorf), an 18- (Buhl) and a 19-year-old (Giulia Gwinn) and thus the three youngest German Kaders on the field. In this regard, the coach has really no scruples. Bühl took over the front of pressing and counter-tasks, Gwinn moved backwards, from where she had scored in the first game, the winning goal against China.

Variability is Voss-Tecklenburg's credo.

After an emergency brake, Schweers escaped a half-hour before the end of a red card, and with the free kick, the Spaniards knew nothing to do. In the end they had a hard time against solidly defending Germans. Ultimately, the weak opportunity utilization cost the Iberians the deserved point. And the playfully again mow Germans? Stay masters of effectiveness.

Women's soccer exclamation mark of the pioneers

Exclamation mark of the pioneers

The US team scored 13 goals in their World Cup campaign against Thailand, a record for the favorites. The players not only fight for the title but also against their own association.By Anna Dreher

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