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DFL faces up against reform plans

DThe controversial reform of the European Cup competitions leads to further unrest within the Bundesliga. During a meeting in Offenbach of the clubs that are members of the European Club Association ECA (currently 13), according to information from FAZ.NET a majority of the representatives have brought a withdrawal from the ECA into play, if the club association and the European Football Association Uefa would have implemented reform plans. It is feared a devaluation of the Bundesliga. In addition, the backroom policy of the ECA has been criticized, which is currently led by the president of the Italian club Juventus Turin, Andrea Agnelli. The Director of Law of FC Bayern, Michael Gerlinger, also belongs to the ECA Board.

Michael Ashelm

He had previously presented the reform ideas at a league meeting of the 36 professional clubs from the first and second league. Afterwards the managing director of the German soccer league (DFL), Christian Seifert, said that all league members rejected the present reform concept completely. "This would have fatal and unacceptable consequences because it would jeopardize the existence of national leagues in the medium to long term." He therefore called on Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin (Slovenia) to moderate the further process with foresight. "In all discussions, two points are crucial: the number of games in the skeleton calendar and, above all, access to international competitions. Changes in these two posts must not jeopardize the relevance and future of national leagues in Europe, "said Seifert.

Plans with ascent and descent

So far from the plans has become public that could be implemented by the season 2024/25 in the European Cup a pyramid scheme with three leagues and promotion and relegation. In the highest, the Champions League, the 24 best of the 32 teams for the following season would be able to keep their place. Four clubs rose from the Europa League 1 (32 clubs), and only four came as qualifiers from national leagues (probably from the four currently strongest leagues). In a Europa League 2, 64 teams would play in four regional zones. Smaller clubs are hoping for a little more revenue, but above all a boost in quality.

Instead of eight groups of four, there would be four groups of eight in the Champions League, guaranteeing each participant 14 instead of six preliminary matches. That then each season only a few clubs would have to qualify at home for the international competitions, provides in leagues such as the Bundesliga for criticism, because it could lead to a loss of tension in the championship. From Uefa circles it is to be heard that after such a reform instead of the so far 3.2 billion euro could possibly be imported four billion or more in marketing revenues in the international competitions. The plans are not completed.

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