DFN 7 – Vladimír Moravčík won and ended his career. Čepo lost

18.6.2022 23:19

The time has come! was the subtitle of Saturday’s DFN 7 tournament at the HKM Zvolen stadium. It was a farewell time for the legend of the posture scene, Vladimír Moravčík.


Thai boxing (up to 77): Vladimir Moravcik (SVK) – Joao Paulo de Carvalho (BRA) – na body (3:0)
MMA (under 84): Vlasto Čepo (SVK) – Joel dos Santos (BRA) – na body (0: 3)
Thai boxing (up to 69): Radek Roušal (CZE) – Hubert Rutkowski (POL) – on body (2: 1) – the first champion of the organization
Thai boxing (up to 77): Juraj Tutura (SVK) – Vit Vokoun (CZE) – KO (1st round)
Thai boxing (up to 77): Josef Talafous (CZE) – Alex Fernandez (ESP) – na body (0:3)
Thai boxing (up to 72): Ján Pajtaš (SVK) – Antonín Coufal (CZE) – points (3: 0)
MMA (do 120): Peter Weiss (SVK) – Jaromír Moutelík (CZE) – TKO (1st Circle, 0:21)
K1 (up to 61): Richard Dobrotka (SVK) – Tomáš Pelant (CZE) – on bodysuit (1: 2)
K1 (up to 86): Branislav Zuzák (SVK) – Erik Tóth (SVK) – points (0: 3)
Am. MMA (do 61,2): Veronika Smolková (SVK) – Silvia Ambrušová (SVK) – TKO (1st round, 1:39)

He defeated Brazilian Joa Paul de Carvalho in points and finished an inspiring career at the age of 40. Right after the last gong, he began to put on his gloves, and when he symbolically folded them in the middle of the cage, tears overcame him. He hesitated on the day of the match to end his career.

For the second time, he lost the fight against emotions when he talked about his mother’s desire to hang gloves on a nail. She did not live to retire.

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“Count Dracula” says goodbye to a balance of 95 matches, 84 victories (31 KOs), 9 losses and 2 draws. As he left the cage, a crowd of fans waited for him, chanting his name for long minutes. There was probably no one at the Zvolen winter school on Saturday who would not take a joint photo with the legendary champion.


6x world champion in organizations Enfusion, WMC, WFCA, W5
3x European champion
2x intercontinental champion
7. the best semi-heavyweight in the world
professional balance: 95 matches, 84 victories (31 KOs), 9 losses, 2 draws

Who is Vladimir Moravcik?

In Thai boxing he reached Olympus. Master belts, including the most valuable, have more than trouser belts. He either humbled the top or gained her respect. In many countries, there is a respected personality, an underappreciated phenomenon at home.

“It’s hard to explain to people who don’t follow Thai boxing. I was also Slovan Bratislava, who defeated Barcelona or Real Madrid, ”he told Š

Nature is a hall from Banská Bystrica. Despite international success and attention, he has never taken himself too seriously.

Moravčík spent 20 years in the ring and although he was also a world champion in the most prestigious WMC association, he fought half his career in addition to civilian employment. He worked as a warehouseman at Tesco for six years: “Even when I was already going to international events. I unpacked the gala evening in Berlin, earned 50 euros and only a colleague from the warehouse knew about it. ”

The whole story of Vladimír Moravčík:

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“Dracula” is no longer just a nickname for an elite Thai boxer and kickboxer. The DFN (Dracula Fight Night), Dracula gym and the unique Dracula Fight Academy sports class project bear the same name.

The loss of Čepa paralyzed Zvolen

As with the arrival of Moravčík, the alley leading to the octagon shrunk when Vlasto Čepo arrived. The crowd of fans welcomed the Slovak favorite with Serbian blood.

However, the eighth place in the middle-weight Octagon’s ranking in the jubilee 10th match within the professional MMA sensationally recorded its second loss. Despite the fact that at the end of the 1st round it was close to completion.

Joel dos Santos has shown resilience in a shower. When the referee tore the running Pin away from him, he spat out blood and screamed into the corner with his eyes wide.

However, “El Chapo” continued to lose momentum and the Brazilian gradually promoted his agricultural style. Loud support for the darling of the domestic audience gradually weakened with an unfavorable course. The pin failed to get up, Do Santos stepped up the blows on the ground.

By winning the points, the Brazilian increased his balance to 16-6, so far he has struggled in smaller organizations.

Čepo lost after almost two years. Since then, he has recorded four victories, all in the 1st round. He finished the last two opponents in Oktagon in less than three minutes.

He was robbing the first champion

The arrival of Radek Roušal was iconic. The Czech permanent organization was brought to the cage in handcuffs and prison garb. He was driven forward by a large fan club from Brno. The fighter with an attractive style, which in the past attracted attention in the Octagon with a case with the tattoo of a German Nazi dictator, became the first champion of the organization.

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In the title match under the rules of Thai boxing weighing up to 69 kg, he defeated Hubert Rutkowski’s points. He got the Poles in the 1st round to count, he was close to finishing. During the break, he slid across the mesh to the floor and seemed to be burning at pace.

Rutkowski returned to the match in the second round, the scales of a thrilling confrontation have since turned on both sides. In the end, Roušal narrowly scored a Pole and got a belt. After a great fight, they showed respect with the opponent, with whom they pushed in public respect. Roušal is still undefeated even after the sixth duel in DFN.

Moravčík’s successor fights for the title

The evening was provided by Juraj Tutura, whom Moravčík described as the Slovak second in the weight of up to 77 kg. Vít Vokoun was shot down by a high kick in the 1st round. Paramedics took a few minutes for the Czech fighter, until he finally got to his feet with help. After a tough end, the tutor will get a chance for the title at the next DFN tournament.

The MMA World Champion remains undefeated

Only 19-year-old GAMMA world champion in MMA Striking and Slovak hope Veronika Smolková won in the opening duel of the event in 99 seconds over Silvia Ambrušová. Smolková did not find a conqueror even in the seventh amateur duel under the rules of MMA. After a tough combination, Ambrušová gave up her position.