Dhahi Khalfan responds to critics of “austerity” and confirms: “If we go back to the era of dates, our satisfaction with our rulers will remain the same.”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Deputy Chief of Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan, defended, on Monday, his vision on the need to follow an “austerity policy” in light of the high prices of fuel and food, stressing that the Emiratis will remain satisfied with their rulers even if they return to the “era of dates”.

Khalfan said in a series of tweets on his official page on Twitter: “But when I advised some of them for austerity, they went mad… and Ali denounced what I said, most of us do not have rationalization of spending,” he said.

And the Deputy Chief of Dubai Police added, “Yes, there is a disparity between another person in salaries, and this is the year of life… and I support the minimum that should be sufficient for a decent life… for the citizen… as determined by the owner of Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, may God prolong his life.” his age for the salaries of local employees in Sharjah,” and added: “But even if this is done for all employees in the lower grades, rationalization of spending remains important and necessary in life,” he said.

Khalfan continued, “And my call to the rulers is that the minimum salary for an Emirati citizen should be a salary that makes his life a decent life.” He added: “I will continue to call for austerity even in days other than high prices. Provocation to see a psychiatrist,” he said.

And the Deputy Chief of Dubai Police added, “There is one thing left for those who (visited) themselves and attacked me … they rest … the world is fine and the homeland is in the custody of a leader who told you, do not remove them.” And he continued: “Our confidence in our homeland is never shaken with any changes that occur …we always have to think well that we will remain the best in terms of care with the help of God Almighty and then care for our leaders..and cohesion of our citizens. limit saying.

Khalfan added, “I suggest to you that one day we have a problem … that we deliver it to the bureaus … through the head of each bureau through community channels … today we have neighborhood councils … let them be the place from which we deal with our problems,” and added: “Let’s go away.” Social media for peace… and sideburns.. and occasions.. and we exchange knowledge… As for complaints, they have channels that should be other than social media,” he said.

And the Deputy Chief of Dubai Police concluded by saying: “In general, life always has ups and downs. Today, the rich and the poor, and vice versa… today are cheap and expensive.. and so on.. so we do not turn on our heels and abandon our approach that we were on. By God, if we go back to the era of dates, our satisfaction will remain. About our rulers as it is..because we know that when the good came to them, they made of it a bright homeland and a dignified citizen,” as he put it.