DHF Cases in Sukabumi City Decline, Stay Alert

CIKOLE – The number of cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in the Sukabumi City area has decreased. Based on data from the Sukabumi City Health Office, from January to September 2021, 217 cases and two deaths from dengue were found. Meanwhile, in 2020 for the same period the number of cases reached 553 cases and three deaths.

“The decline in cases is quite significant, including the number of deaths from three to two cases in 2021,” said Head of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Sukabumi City Health Office (Dinkes) Lulis Delawati.

Despite the decline, Lulis still urges the public to remain aware of this DHF disease. Especially, in the rainy season like now. The community can carry out mosquito nest eradication (PSN) with 3M plus, namely, draining, closing, and recycling used goods with the potential for breeding mosquitoes.

“With 3M plus we can avoid mosquito bites in our homes, offices, workplaces, schools and public places,” he said.

Another effort to anticipate the emergence of dengue fever is to implement the movement of one house and one larva monitoring interpreter (jumantik). The trick is to optimize all family members to be jumantik in their respective homes.

“Then by activating the operational group for dengue control (Pokjanal) at various levels of RT, RW, Kelurahan, sub-district to the city level,” he explained.

Lulis added that the community must also cultivate a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) in all levels of society. Because, with PHBS can minimize the risk of various diseases spreading.

“I ask residents to remain vigilant about the spread of dengue fever in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, because it is feared that the cases will increase,” he concluded. (ball)