Di Maio, we must stop the world war of bread – World

“The World War on Bread is already underway and we must stop it. We risk political instability in Africa, the proliferation of terrorist organizations, coups d’etat: this can produce the grain crisis we are experiencing”. Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio said so. “Putin must come to the table – he continued – must reach a peace agreement as soon as possible, which also includes an agreement on wheat, such as a ceasefire agreement to allow us to evacuate women, civilians and children who have now been 100 days under Russian bombs in eastern Ukraine “.

“We must not forget that there are 30 million tons of grain blocked in Ukrainian ports by Russian warships – he specified – what we are doing is working to ensure that Russia unblocks the export of grain in Ukrainian ports, because at this moment we risk that new wars will break out in Africa “. The minister recalled that “on Tuesday we will hold a first dialogue session with the Mediterranean countries on food security, we will work with all partners together with Germany, Turkey, France and many others to reach the goal of unblocking the quantities of wheat. that they have to leave Ukraine in a historical moment in which families cannot sustain increases in the cost of energy, industry the increase in the cost of materials and all over the world the increase in the cost of wheat and therefore of bread which is increasing the same way around the world, but in some parts of the world they can’t afford it. ” “The work we want to do as Italy – he concluded – is to affect the costs of raw materials that companies need for their production. And my trip to India about a month ago was very important because we are importing a lot of more from India “.

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