Diabetes affects about 3.7 million people in the UK.

About 90 percent of all diabetes cases are caused by type 2 diabetes.

Some diet changes could help diabetic patients to control their blood sugar.

One of the best snacks for diabetics is Greek yogurt, according to nutritionist Franziska Spritzler.

Greek yogurt promotes a healthy blood sugar level while helping the patient to lose weight, she said.

"Greek yogurt is a good choice for diabetic milk," said Spritzler.

"It has been shown to improve blood glucose control and reduce the risk of heart disease, perhaps because of the probiotics it contains.

"Studies have shown that yogurt and other dairy products in people with type 2 diabetes can lead to weight loss and improved body composition.

In addition, Greek yogurt contains only six to eight grams of carbs per serving, which is lower than traditional yogurt.

"It's also higher in protein, which promotes weight loss by reducing appetite and reducing calorie intake."

Diabetes patients should also eat more eggs, said the nutritionist.

Eggs offer amazing health benefits, including increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering the risk of heart disease.

The benefits of eggs are mainly due to the nutrients in the egg yolk, not just the protein.

Leafy vegetables should be an integral part of a diabetic's diet.

They are extremely nutritious and could reduce inflammation in diabetic patients, said Spritzler.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the body not responding to insulin.

Without enough insulin, the body struggles to convert sugar in the blood into usable energy.

Control of blood sugar is very important for diabetic patients, as they develop more life-threatening complications.

Diabetes symptoms include exceeding more urine than normal, extreme fatigue and blurred vision.

Talk to a doctor if you are worried about the signs or symptoms of diabetes.


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