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The Blizzard Entertainment team knew in advance of Diablo Immortal's announcement that they would receive criticism from fans in the series. However, after the BlizzCon, they are now surprised at the extent of negative feedback. Blizzard also knows that her fans like to learn more about "a special thing".

The announcement of Diablo Immortal as part of the BlizzCon 2018 caused great dissatisfaction among the fans of the series. According to Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham, the studio knew in advance that the idea of ​​the mobile title will not please everyone. However, the extent of the disappointment also surprised the co-founder in the end. The cinematic trailer alone has already received over 400,000 dislikes on YouTube. Blizzard's Allen Adham is certain that these reactions have arisen because of the great passion for the Diablo range.

"We know that our fans have a passion for PC and console. […] We have already experienced a similar reaction in the announcement of Hearthstone. They love what they love and know what they want, "Adham told Kotaku, with Diablo 4 in particular topping the list for most fans, but not even having a teaser for a new Diablo project. The co-founder once again mentions the numerous Diablo projects currently under development, and Blizzard also knows that fans want something special about something special, as Adham reveals in an interview, but fans in the series may well have some patience to have.

Source: Kotaku

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