Diablo Immortal: Everything you need to know before entering Blizzard’s mobile MMO

The announcement Diablo Immortal’s initial was terribly uncomfortableboth in form and time. As a result, the game has been plagued by a bad reputation in the eyes of many gamers who see it as a bad April Fools’ Day prank, made by a studio, whose decline has greatly accelerated since then.

But the truth is that this is a bit of a hasty judgement, since Diablo Immortal turned out to be interesting, enjoyable and quite rich during the various testing phases of the last few months. Besides, it has many strengths that can make it an excellent mobile game. This could well be a very honorable addition to the license, and not just a way to wait for Diablo 4. It’s also the opportunity for many players to discover Diablo. A few weeks before its launch, we invite you to review some of the main points and the most important questions about it.

Diablo Immortal

What is the release date for PC and mobile devices of Diablo Immortal?

The information is still fresh, but let’s remember it for those who missed it: Diablo Immortal launches at the same time on phones Android, iOS (iPhone y iPad) and on PCIt is June 2, 2022a few weeks before the summer departures.

It may seem sudden, after almost 4 years of waiting, but the game has already had several more or less conventional alpha and beta sessions, so it had to be released one day. If you plan to play on PC, you will likely notice that this is a beta version of the game client on that platform. But that’s just because the development team is still polishing it, it’s still the full game and you’ll be able to play it with players who are enjoying it on mobile.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

Some explanations about Cross-play and Cross-progression

For those unfamiliar with these terms, Cross-play means that all Diablo Immortal players are together in the same party or server, whether playing on mobile or PC, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play with your friends. Combined with Cross-Progression, this means that by having a common game account on all your devices, you will be able to play Diablo Immortal from different locations and media while keeping your characters on any of them as long as you have your username registered.

You can play on the go, at your vacation spot, even at work and pick up where you left off at night, comfortably sitting in front of your PC. There’s currently no console version announced, but since it’s possible to play Diablo Immortal with a controller, it shouldn’t take long for them to hit these devices; at least we hope so.

Diablo Immortal

What kind of controller can we play with?

The controls change depending on your platform, on mobile you can use the default touch screenbut using a gamepad is also an option. On PC, you can choose between the gamepad of almost any type and the mythical combination of keyboard and mouse. Also, you will have many options to choose from on PC. In fact, you’ll have the luxury of choosing between old-fashioned mouse-click movement, like in old Diablo, or AWSD keys, which allow you to aim and shoot elsewhere as you move.

Diablo Immortal

How is the gameplay of Diablo Immortal on mobile devices?

The simplest thing would be to say that It bears a strong resemblance to Diablo 3. in more ways than one, both in its art direction, classes, items, and gameplay fundamentals. To begin with, you will necessarily need an Internet connection to play Diablo Immortal. The game is not much different from other Diablo games, it is a hack and slash, also known as an Action-RPG variant. The fights are in real time, with a fairly fast pace. However, there is no need for impressive reflexes, nor an extraordinary level of play that requires performing combos.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

It is a fairly easy game to learn, with a fluid progression, which requires you to build a hero with the skills and playstyle you like best. You control a character in an isometric view (from above, but tilted), and you have to use different attacks, abilities and spells to kill hordes of enemieswhich brings experience and different types of loot.

You have to explore different areas, complete quests, daily activities, gain levels and upgrade your team. Depending on the activities you participate in, the multiplayer aspect will be more or less present. For example, dungeons are made for 4 players and raids for 8 players, but nothing stops you from playing solo most of the time.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

Content and types of activities

At the moment, there is 8 great areas to explore in Diablo Immortal through a series of quests and with various dungeons to complete. It’s hard to exhaustively list all the available activities, but you should know that they are in line with what other MMOs do. There are daily contracts to complete, different types of rifts to complete in a limited amount of time, events take place regularly in the different areas of the game.

There is also an important PvP aspect, with battlefields, as well as a large faction war called Cycle of Conflict. The principle is to award the most successful clans with the title of Immortal, while the others try to steal their place through different types of clashes, such as stealing treasures. And while it’s not quite fixed, the developers promise more content in the future, so it remains to be seen how often updates will arrive and with what kind of additions.

Diablo Immortal

Classes available in the game

Upon release, Diablo Immortal will feature 6 classes that should be familiar to veterans of the license:

  • Crossed: A heavy armored knight with a huge shield. He uses his holy abilities to defend himself and annihilate his enemies with flying hammers, heavenly fire and the like.
  • Monk: A martial arts specialist, with attacks also using his fists and feet. She rounds out her arsenal with mystical abilities like the exploding palm, chain hits, and mantras.
  • Barbarian: The quintessential wild brute, who likes to get into all the scrubs. This ferocious fighter relentlessly attacks with techniques such as water jets, roars, etc…
  • Magician: The arcane spell caster, with ever-popular abilities like teleport, disintegrate, or a nice meteor to the face
  • Demon Hunter: An agile ranged weapons and trap specialist with a crossbow in each hand, spikes of earth, swirling chakra, and volleys of projectiles
  • Necromancer: Finally, the master of bones, curses and death is back too. He uses his undead summons and fatal spells to kill demons.

But beware, Diablo Immortal can be an MMO, it does not force the different classes to adopt a particular role. They all have their quirks, with group bonuses and control abilities, but there is no such thing as a trinity of classes in World of Warcraft. This means that everyone plays DPS with different secondary roles, instead of playing tank or healer.

Diablo Immortal

Loot and the monetization debate

The big question with a mobile title like Diablo Immortal is the economic model chosen by the studio to make the game profitable, which can give both the best and the worst. In the case of Diablo Immortal, a model was chosen Free-to-Play (F2P), although we still don’t know what the final form of monetization will be at launch and what the prices will be, but we can rely on what was offered during the testing phases to get a solid idea.

You’ll be glad to know it doesn’t exist an energy bar that limits activities, nor an absolute distinction between “free” and “premium” players. You can do absolutely everything and get everything without paying anything. Either there are annoying ads all the time. Loot from monsters and chests is also not influenced by your status or premium bonuses.

Instead, the game has opted for the model of Battle Passes, which offers various rewards in addition to players who only use the free version. There is also a real money shop, which allows you to buy various materials and components needed to craft and upgrade equipment. It is especially here where we can notice a great distinction between the types of players, since reaching into your pocket allows you to obtain a special coin, platinum, available in very limited quantities daily, which allows you to buy set legendary gems.

They are very important and offer a nice advantage at high level as well as in PvP. This is the “Pay to Fast” business model, which can also be considered as “Pay to Win” in the very competitive context of high level PvP. After all, the “best” player on the server receives the title of Immortal, complete with a guest appearance, a spot in the Hall of Fame, and various perks. Investing large sums in the store to have the best possible equipment as quickly as possible is a huge advantage in this competition.

If you don’t intend to participate in the competitive aspects of PvP and PvE, or you do but with no particular ambitions or goals, then monetizing Diablo Immortal shouldn’t concern you at all.

Diablo Immortal

Minimum and recommended requirements of Diablo Immortal on Mobile and PC

Minimum configuration on iOS:

Minimum configuration on Android:

  • Android 5.0
  • Snapdragon 660 / Exynos 9611
  • Adreno 512 / Mali-G62 MP3
  • 2GB RAM

Minimum configuration on PC:

  • Sistema operativo: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Windows 11 (64 bits)
  • Vídeo: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 6850 o Intel HD Graphics 530
  • Procesador: Intel Core i3 o AMD FX-8100
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Internet connection, whatever your medium

Scheduled for this year 2022 and eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise despite the initial controversy, Diablo Immortal continues to show itself little by little to meet expectations. Today we tell you how long it will take to complete the main story.