Diablo Immortal has generated 49 million dollars in its first month

Diablo Immortal It has had a bittersweet debut: the negative side is the controversy generated by its purchasing system, which has drawn much criticism from the community, and the unexpected delay in China, causing a sharp drop in NetEase’s shares. However, there is a positive side that will undoubtedly make Blizzard celebrate the success of this free-to-play without too many worries: the game has already generated more than 49 million dollars since its release on iOS, Android, and PC early last month.

This is confirmed by, a medium that has collected data on the income it has generated Diablo Immortal throughout the month that has been available. The total figure is not the only impressive thing about this report, since we can also extract the fact that the daily income has not fallen below a million dollars throughout the month of June. The maximum peak was 2.4 million dollars in one day, on June 11, but although it has dropped since then, less than one million has never been entered. The last data we had was on June 19, when we learned that 20 million dollars had already been deposited.

The results are not so good in number of downloads

These data also correspond to the income received by the developer. What does this mean? That those 49 million dollars entered in a month already come with the 30% that the App Store and Play Store keep for in-game transactions, so real income would be even higher. A part of that money has been provided streamers like the one who spent $15,000 to get a special gem and then destroyed it.

Those, Diablo Immortal is not doing as well in sales as in income, since it seems to have stayed stuck at 10 million downloads. It is a figure that is not bad at all, but that was already reached just a week after its launch, when Blizzard announced that it was the best premiere of a game in the saga. The maximum download peak was on June 4, just a month ago, with 1.32 million downloads in a single day.

Diablo Immortal It is available for free on iOS, Android and PC. You can know what we have found in our impressions and follow our guide so as not to miss a single detail.