Although Blizzard did everything possible to reduce the expectations of fans of Devil, the reality is that a large majority attended BlizzCon 2018 with the hope of knowing the next main installment of this saga. As you know, that did not happen and the only related announcement was the revelation of Immortal Devil. Since this broke the hearts of many, Blizzard went out to the public to reiterate that they plan more products for the fans of this saga.

"We have said that we have multiple teams of Devil working on multiple projects Devil and that goes on like this. Even after launching Diablo III for Switch and announce Immortal Devil", Allen Adham, Blizzard producer, mentioned in an interview with Polygon. "We still have multiple teams of Devil working on Diablo projects without announcing. Devil It is a very important franchise for us. It always will be, we love it. We hope our fans understand what we mean when we say it.

As was clear from his revelation, Immortal Devil it's not exactly the game the fans expected. That said, it is not designed to be, since the goal of Blizzard was to create an experience that reaches more players.

"The world is evolving, both geographically and demographically. Young people, many of them, have mobiles as their main platform. Then, in many parts of the world, it is also your main gaming device and it has always been our intention[bringthemgames"heexplained[llevarlesjuegos”explicó

And you, what do you think about Immortal Devil? What kind of projects of Devil Do you think he is doing Blizzard? Tell us in the comments.

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