Diablo IV leak shows over 40 minutes of gameplay

The leaks will never end. After this weekend’s Grand Theft Auto 6 bonanza, it’s now Diablo IV’s turn, and 43 minutes of video from the upcoming game has found its way onto the Internet.

It was Reddit user “iV1rus0” who apparently first spotted two videos from an unknown Diablo IV player. The first is 5 minutes long, while the next lasts for over 38 minutes.

Screenshot from one of the videos.

Screenshot from one of the videos.

The clips show exploration and combat across a larger area. It is the Barbarian class that is shown, and you get to see a number of characteristics, different clients and, of course, collecting tons of equipment.

Where the clips come from is currently unclear, and based on conversations in the videos, someone other than the player himself has been responsible for the recording. One theory is that they stem from Blizzard’s “family and friends” alpha test, which began in August.

Both videos are watermarked with “Private Test Build” and a serial number. Thus, it will probably not be difficult for Blizzard to find out who the player is.

By the way, closed “end game” beta testing of Diablo IV is set to begin soon, the developer announced this week. Selected players are then given the opportunity to explore more difficult areas closer to the end of the game.

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