Diablo, World of Warcraft … we take stock of BlizzCon 2021

This year, pandemic obliges, BlizzCon 2021 was accessible entirely online, and especially free, for all fans of the video game editor. The opportunity to make several announcements, especially about Diablo IV, Diablo II Resurrected and World of Warcraft.

Blizzard Credits

Until then paying, BlizzCon stood out this year with a 2021 100% digital edition. Pandemic requires, it is online that fans have been able to discover all the new features made official this weekend by the video game publisher.

Diablo in the spotlight

It was not a surprise, the Diablo franchise was widely discussed during BlizzCon 2021. Particularly awaited by the players, it will however take patience before being able to test Diablo IV. If Blizzard has confirmed that the new opus of the license would not be released in 2021, the studio has still satisfied its audience, by formalizing its fourth class of playable character. The thief therefore becomes the penultimate playable character. of the game, after the announcement of the barbarian, the witch and the druid.

Regarding the revival Diablo II : Resurrected, another eagerly awaited title for those nostalgic for the franchise, a trailer has been unveiled. The remastered version of the cult game allows you to register today to participate in the Technical Alpha.

World of Warcraft 9.1

If there is one game that has succeeded during the pandemic and the confinements (except Animal Crossing New Horizons), it is World of Warcraft. The MMORPG has seen its number of players increase sharply in recent months, and therefore logically took advantage of BlizzCon 2021 to formalize its patch 9.1 de Shadowlands. Baptized “Chains of Domination”, this new big update will offer new raids, new dungeons, as well as the ability to fly in Shadowlands. For the more nostalgic, the exit from World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade Classic has also been confirmed by Blizzard. It will thus be possible to play the very first expansion of the game, The Burning Crusade.

New expansion for Hearthstone

The game isn’t in a particularly booming time, but it looks like Blizzard still has plans to make a name for itself in the coming months. Thus, players will soon be able to discover Forged in the Barrens (Forged in the Tarrides in French), the new extension of the game. new RPG game mode Hearthstone Mercenaries has also been made official, and is expected to arrive later in the year, as will a classic version of the mode Battleground, which will soon allow the return of old cards.

A mess of nostalgia

In addition to presenting Diablo II : Resurrected and World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard obviously wanted to strike a chord with its most loyal players this year. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the development studio presented a pack called Blizzard Arcade Collection, which includes the first three games published by Blizzard in a remastered version. Players will thus be able to (re) discover The Lost Vikings, Rock N’ Roll Racing and BlackThorne. Already available on PC, Nintendo Switch PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X, this special collection starts at € 19.99, and offers many ingame bonuses on all other games in the Licence.

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