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Original title: Diamond League Doha Station: Woo Sanghe won the men’s high jump, the men’s pole vault was postponed due to strong winds

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, May 13. The 2022 World Athletics Diamond League kicked off the new season in Doha, Qatar on the 13th. South Korean newcomer Yu Sang-hyeok won the men’s high jump with a 2.33-meter win over the host star Bahim. The men’s pole vault competition, which many famous players participated in, was postponed due to strong winds and will be moved to an indoor venue.

Bashim, who shared the gold medal in the men’s high jump at the Tokyo Olympics, and Italy’s Turnberry competed again on the same day, but the final winner of the competition was Yu Sang-hyuk, who was rising rapidly. He won the championship with a score of 2.33 meters and won his first Diamond League title after winning the indoor World Championships gold medal two months ago.

Bashim, who was fighting locally, ranked second with a time of 2.30 meters, and Canada’s Lovett ranked third with a time of 2.27 meters. Olympic champion Turnberry was in a sluggish state, only skipping 2.20 meters and was out early.

The windy weather in Doha that day forced the men’s pole vault competition to be postponed. A group of players led by world record holder and Swedish star Duplantis will compete in indoor venues on the 14th.

The men’s javelin competition staged a wonderful duel, and the top two players both broke through the 90-meter mark. Peters, the world champion from Grenada, won the championship with a score of 93.07 meters, setting a new personal best and a season best. Wadlech of the Czech Republic ranked second with a score of 90.88 meters, which also refreshed his personal best.

In other events, Brazil’s Santos broke the men’s 400-meter hurdles record with a time of 47.24 seconds. Thomas of the United States won the women’s 200-meter race with a time of 21.98 seconds, tying the tournament record. In addition, the top three women’s shot put events were taken by American players, and Yili won the championship with 19.51 meters.

The Chinese team players did not participate in the competition of this site. The next leg of the Diamond League is scheduled for May 21 in Birmingham, England. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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