Dian calls for non-profit entities in the region


The Dian called on this type of entities to carry out an online process that will allow them to be included in the Special Tax Regime.
These companies must enter www.dian.gov.co to your registered user account, select the SIE RTE option and start the application submission process with the required supporting documents.
According to a statement from the Dian, for this particular case, applications will not be accepted by the PQSR System and Denunciations of the DIAN or physically filed in the documentation areas.
The Esal created before 2016, which intend to remain in the Special Tax Regime for the taxable year 2018, will have until April 30 to submit the application.
The same term applies for the Esal created in 2017, which updated the RUT before January 31, 2018.
In addition to Barrancabermeja, Cantagallo, Morales, Puerto Parra, Puerto Wilches, Sabana de Torres, San Pablo Bolivar, San Vicente, Santa Rosa del Sur and Simiti are included.


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