Diana Pérez, dubbing actress in Pokémon, dies

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Diana Pérez, who was also a dubbing director, passed away after presenting with kidney failure.

The dubbing world is in mourning and suffering a very strong loss, which, in addition, becomes even harder taking into account the context of the COVID-19 pandemic currently being experienced in the world.

This week, Diana Pérez, who was a director and voice actress in animated series such as “Pokémon” passed away at the age of 51, leaving an important legacy in the world of dubbing, by giving life to iconic characters from not only animated series, but also with flesh and blood characters like when she played Hilda Spellman, Sabrina’s aunt, in “Sabrina, the teenage witch.”

An involvement in the kidney

According to specialized media such as SensaCine, Diana Pérez died due to a kidney disease, at the age of 51. The voice director also played animated characters like Jessie, from “Pokémon”, Kagura, in “Inuyasha” and more.

In addition, he participated in dubbing of films such as “How to lose a man in ten days”; “Scream”, or in series like “Sabrina, the adolescent witch” and also “The hidden world of Sabrina”.

It was reported that Diana actually studied Business Relations at the National Polytechnic Institute and her love for dubbing was born from taking theater workshops at the Ministry of Finance.

The dubbing world regrets your departure

Through social networks, different actresses and dubbing actors mourned the death of Diana Pérez, whom they remembered through the characters she played throughout a career of nearly 25 years.

“To travel with the Rocket team at the speed of light, my dear Diana Pérez. She is already one with the universe. I am going to miss her,” said Juan Carrelo, who doubles the voice of Will Smith in “The Prince of Rap” .

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Rebeca Gómez, the voice of Mandy in “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, also published a heartfelt farewell message to remember Diana: “I will miss your very special way of telling things, your madness hidden among the sayings and gatherings. Thank you for the great details that you always had with me. I am between sadness, anger and amazement. Rest in peace, dear Dianita “.

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