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It is well known that Prince Charles his first marriage was not about cloudless happiness, they were married in 1981, but in 1992 they announced that their paths were separating. Their divorce was announced four years later, in 1996.

A year later, the princess died tragically as a result of a car accident. They have been living in a balanced marriage ever since, but what is their secret? Tina Brown, a former editor of Vanity Fair, responded to this in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

Marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Camilla

The Prince of Wales met Kamilla in a T-shirt match in 1970, but was eventually separated by fate. After they broke up, the woman married Andrew Parker-Bowles in 1973. And Charles looked for the right wife to join him, who might one day be worthy of the role of Queen of the United Kingdom, and was finally chosen by Diana, who presented him with two boys, William and Harry.

The marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was not very happy.

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Károly hurt Diana mentally many times, and the interview for their engagement was quite eloquent. The maker of the conversation asked them if they were in love with each other, and Lady Di immediately snapped that, of course, while the prince said, “Whatever love means.”

The prince could not forget the first great love of his life, they kept in touch with Kamilla and then They became lovers in 1986. Meanwhile, Diana also winked aside, so their marriage ran aground.

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The relationship between the prince and Camilla was quite different from what it was with the queen of hearts. According to Tina Brown, the secret is that the Duchess of Cornwall simply knows exactly what the prince wants and needs.

He understands his temperament perfectly. She has incredible emotional intelligence, she knows exactly when to pull up with her astringent style when Charles switches to an uplifting style. A little hard love is theirs, but it’s always full of warmth and humor. Their relationship is very similar to that of the Queen Mother and VI. To the relationship of King George. Elizabeth’s mother was able to handle her husband without the ruler knowing to control her. This is also true for Kamilla.


Photo: Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images Hungary

“I think he’s strengthening Charles in a way that’s very healthy for the prince.” She is much calmer when his wife is around and laughs. She is a funny woman.

They are interested in the same and have the same friends. He never agreed with Diana on these.

Although Charles ‘choice could not stand for fans of the royal family in the’ 90s, it became more and more popular year after year after their wedding. When Queen Elizabeth announced in a statement in February 2022 that Camilla would officially become a queen, it only became even more popular in the eyes of the British. Originally not wanting to be a queen, the plan was to get the title of Princess Consort only if the Crown was placed on the head of the Prince of Wales.

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