Diane Kruger gave birth to her first child, and it sounds like she and her partner, the Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus, are super excited. There is not much information yet about the baby, but loud Six pageKruger gave birth to a little girl. The sources of the newspaper did not share the name of the child or the exact date of birth.

The baby is Kruger's first child, while Reedus has a 19-year-old son with his ex-Helena Christensen People, Mersus Lucien, the son of Reedus and Christensen, graduated from high school this year. Kruger and Reedus have not confirmed the gratifying news on their own Instagram accounts, but the fans have shared congratulations on the actors' recent contributions.

Weekly It was first reported in May that Kruger was pregnant with her first child, although the couple kept details of the pregnancy for themselves. Kruger made no official announcement of the pregnancy, but as the magazine notes, she has a cryptic black and white photo of herself with the footprints Emoji as a caption. The fans took the emoji as a symbol for the baby's footprints and as confirmation that she was indeed pregnant.

Despite this, the actress has not shown any pictures of her growing hump in recent months and decided to share strategically cropped pictures to avoid showing her middle section. But Kruger was still traveling with a remarkable baby bump.

As People reported, Kruger and Reedus met during filming for 2015 sky, According to the magazine, they have been officially dating since March 2017, though The Cut noted that the couple had been seen together long before. The Cut also pointed out that the pair was on the couple's red carpet earlier this year at the Golden Globes.

Kruger and Reedus are private about their relationship, but it sounds like they are a great team. "They complement each other," said an unnamed source Weekly "Norman is the best guy ever and would do anything for a friend, taking care of people and being there when someone needs him."

Fans also shared congratulations to the couple on Twitter. It looks like everyone is overjoyed with the little one, even if there are not many details yet.

Kruger is not the only celebrity keeping the details of her pregnancy to herself. Kylie Jenner gave birth to her daughter Stormi earlier this year. And before the birth announcement, Jenner did not even confirm the reports that she was pregnant. She later stated in a social media message that her pregnancy was something she did not want to "do before the world." Based on the Instagram posts that Kruger has shared in recent months, it looks like she has adapted a similar mindset.

Reedus and Kruger may not tell the world too many details about their baby. But if the two are happy – and it definitely sounds like they are – then that's all that matters. And even without further information, it looks as if many fans are excited about the news.


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