Diang reassures Syed Abdel Hafeez: I suffered a slight bruise, but it will not prevent me from participating in Al-Ahly training

Mali Alio Diang, Al-Ahly midfielder, confirmed his readiness to participate in the Red Genie training during the coming period, in preparation for the upcoming team’s engagements.

The official website of the Al-Ahly club said this morning, Wednesday, that Sayed Abdel-Hafeez, the club’s football director, contacted Diang after yesterday’s match between Mali and Namibia.

Diang had left the match between Mali and Namibia, which brought the two teams together in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, by the 60th minute due to injury, after suffering a strong interference in the match.

Diang assured Sayed Abdel Hafeez during the call that brought them together that his exit from the stadium came after feeling a little pain so that the coach decided to rest him and not to risk him.

Diang stressed that the slight bruise he suffered would not prevent him from participating in the team’s training in preparation for the Egypt Cup match against Abu Qir Fertilizer and then the Zamalek match in the African Champions League final.



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