Diario Extra – Maribel Guardia sad about her mother’s breast cancer


The Costa Rican actress and singer based in Mexico, Maribel Guardia, is very sad due to the breast cancer suffered by her mother, Vilma Chacón.
Her statements were reproduced by the press: “Yesterday I did a very important exam and based on that, I am going to take her to an oncologist, he is going to define what step he is going to follow. In Costa Rica they told her that her breast must be amputated, and she is very calm (she tells me) ‘Oh, I already used them a lot, mijita, already’, it’s so pretty, “Maribel Guardia told the press.
The actress lost her mother in 1968, when she was only 9 years old, before which Doña Vilma took care of her, which is why she names her as her second mother.