Diary for EM 2021: Wembley, we’re coming

  • OfJan Christian Müller

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Jan Christian Müller reports from the EM 2021. In his diary he writes about the events on site.

Tag 34 – Unfortunately for me it now means saying goodbye to my nephews Linus, Lasse and Ole, with whom I was allowed to live for two weeks and with whom I regularly played football in the evenings in the basement or outside in the garden. I will miss her. Because I don’t know yet whether I’ll come back to Erlangen and Herzogenaurach again. Among other things, it also depends on whether the DFB team will progress against England in the 2021 European Championship on Tuesday evening at Wembley Stadium. And about what the DFB is still offering in terms of media events on site at Adidas’ premises. The press conferences are all digital, so I can sit in Timbuktu and ask clever questions. As long as there was a stable WiFi network there.

First of all, it’s off to London. We had to fill out a couple of online forms. The most important document is called the “Public Health Passenger Locator Form”. The English want to know who is coming from the low-incidence area to their high-risk virus area and who, unlike the locals, should then be isolated for ten days. You don’t have to understand it exactly.

As accredited journalists from the English Football Association (FA), we had previously received a certificate by email. It confirms that we are very important people who absolutely have to come to Wembley to write reports. For this reason, we are international top athletes (i.e. VIPs as big as Neuer, Hummels and Jogi Löw) and, according to Uefa, do not need to book a 300 pound test kit or go into quarantine as normal people.

Let’s hope the authorities at Heathrow Airport accept it that way. And that Lufthansa even lets us on the plane early on Tuesday morning. Oh, we also booked a PCR test. So that we can get into the United Kingdom. We will see.

These three words, communicated in pure Oxford English, show that the London preparations are linguistically so far prepared. I mustn’t forget one of those lumpy English plugs either, so that my laptop doesn’t fail. It’s funny, these islanders. They still have their old pound, different sockets, the most dangerous virus variants all over Europe and are leaving the EU voluntarily. Your vaccination lead over us alleged failures here in Germany is also just melting away.

The next diary entry will come after landing, local time on Tuesday at 8:40 a.m. in London. If we ever get there.