Diary The Opinion of Parchment

On Friday, starting at 10:00, different areas of the Municipality will be present at 1,350 Chiclana Street, in the Villa San José neighborhood. The objective of these conferences is to provide the residents with certain procedures and services such as the placement of the vaccines of the national calendar, HIV tests, procedures to carry out the DNI; advice to obtain the citizen card, consultations on benefits for older adults and assistance to women; among other things.

The first meeting called “La Muni en tu Barrio” was held on April 1 with coverage that included the neighborhoods of October 12, Güemes, La Lomita and Tupac Amaru. Subsequently, at the end of last month, the municipal agencies participating in the operation moved to the José Hernández neighborhood. And on May 13 they went to the town of Manuel Ocampo since this initiative includes the towns of the Party.

Paolo Bonanno

The secretary of Social Development, Paolo Bonanno, explained that “the idea is to take this operation once a month to various neighborhoods, and also replicate it in the towns so that the neighbors do not have to move to Pergamino,” said the official. Township.

“In this way we want to get closer and speed people up in carrying out procedures and consultations typical of the Secretariat and other areas, helping them with other issues that do not necessarily have to do with us but we guide them to carry them out. This view of the Municipality seeks bringing rights closer to the population and working together with the entire team to provide them with solutions with the tools that this dependency has”.

Undersecretary of Sports, Undersecretary of Education, Social Service, Directorate for Women and the Family, Cabaña Joven, Local Service for the Promotion and Protection of Children’s Rights, Directorate for the Elderly, Diversity Area, Addiction Treatment Center Father Galli, Primary Health Care, Epidemiology and Immunizations, Municipal Council for Disability, Entrepreneurship are the areas that will participate today in this neighborhood outreach program that will begin at 10:00.